Hey, there's another 1222 around here!!!

Checking out the front page, I see who our newest member is:


From a fellow 1222’er, I say WELCOME!!

Tell us about yourself. Christmas baby like I am?

Okay, yeah, it’s quite mundane and pointless, but it perked me up for a bit.


Holy shit!!! My nick doesn’t indicate it but I am also a 12/22. Don’t you just hate it when your parents combine your xmas and your b-day presents?

5/31 here. Yeah, they always combine my birthday and Memorial Day presents. It sucks.

7/6 here, my parents always told me the fireworks were for me.

<sob sob>


Could have been worse guys,

My parents always told me the new school supplies were my birthday presents. 8/27

Awww (((((misstee))))), a pencil box and new clothes for your birthday? That’s just wrong!

1/9. Dad was always a little peeved that I arrived too late to share a birthday with Elvis.