Hey, They're All Gone Again Already

Now that we have Philip Morris honest. . .well, sort of,. . .do prepared-food manufacturers ever include addictive ingredients (or at least non-standard ones that create a have-another behavior) in products of theirs such as cookies, candies, soft drinks, etc. Do they slip them in without listing them as ingredients on their packages?

Ray (How come the cookie jar is already empty again?)

In the 70’s, we posited the existence of the TAB enzyme - Take Another Bite - found in cookies, potato chips and every Hostess snack cake. Will the food companies 'fess up? I don’t know - Kraft is owned by Philip Morris.

Reminds me of the sf novel The Space Merchants, by Frederick Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth. Hard to believe this novel was first published in 1952, the Dark Age of Conformity, since it is the most subversive anti-consumerism novel imaginable.

Yes, it is in there and it is indeed listed. Look at any bag of cookies, candy, and drinks. It is …Sugar.

That is what is addictive.