Hey, this Monday Night Football game is really good!

Anyone else catching the Saints/Vikings game tonight?

One of the best Monday night games I’ve seen in a long time.

Seriously, why do the Vikings keep kicking to Bush? He’s got the Saints single-handedly back in the tame.

Holy… Bush.

I never understood why they keep promoting him as one of the faces of the league; he had one big punt return TD (against Tampa) as a rookie and he’s hardly been heard from since (3 yards per carry average, etc.)

Boy, was I wrong. The second big return (the one where he didn’t score) was even more impressive than the two where he did!

Bush had a pretty decent showing in the NFC Championship game his rookie year. Also put up decent receiving yards–especially run-after-catch yards–since he’s been in the NFl. He hasn’t shown an ability to be an every down back, and he’s definitely not a power back.

Saints played sloppy football today, and it bit them in the ass at the end. :frowning:

The Saints did a good job bottling up AP, but the Purple really got some good breaks and some stellar play from Winfield. I think the play of the game might have been the touchdown to Berrien, who had actually run the wrong route, but just happened to end up in position to snare an errant pass into the end zone. Props also to Frerotte for making some tough throws and keeping the Vikes in the game.

I’d also like to thank the zebras for looking the other way on that blatant facemask that gave the Vikings a turnover.

Also, note to Vikings special teams: you might want to put a body on two five…or better yet, stop fucking kicking it to him.

Gonna have to disagree with you there. It’s was a very exciting and interesting game, but it was an ugly, ugly game. Both teams made tons of mistakes, tons of penalties. The Vikings offense is still an embarrassment and both teams Special Teams were pretty shaky. As good as those Bush punt returns were, the Saints FG unit was every bit as bad.

Guns Hochuli had another piss poor game. His stumbling explanations were a joke and actually gave me less confidence in his calls. He blew that AP fumble call, I understand what he was saying but I’ve never seen that interpreted that way before. Every game I’ve ever seen, when a ball starts coming loose as a result of a hit it’s considered to be fumbled, regardless of if it’s “away from the body” or “still in the hand” or not. That ball was coming out before his knee was down. That missed facemask call was pretty egregious too. Also, what going on with the offsides/encroachment thing these days? Guns description made absolutely no sense and that looked like a cut and dry case of the defender enticing the offense to move. What does the D have to do to have that call be on them?

Time to take Guns off the juice.

I hate this “don’t kick it to him” thing. Remember Donte Hall? People used to not kick to him. Then everybody realized that if they tackled, they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

He’s one guy. If you can’t stop a guy from returning a punt for a touchdown, you need to fire your special teams coach, not tell the punter to kick it out of bounds.

I heard Brad Childress on the radio this morning saying he told Kluwe to kick it out of bounds the second time. He also said if Kluwe can’t kick it out of bounds, he’ll find someone who will…

Did I enjoy the game? Well, let’s put it this way:

I run a pool…in this pool, you pick the winner of each game, but you don’t have to pick the most correct to win – you just have to pick better than one other player that week. That’s it…do better than that one guy, and you’re golden.

If you happen to drop the ball and forget to send in picks, well, you’re not completely out of it – you’re assumed to have picked the Away team in all the games. That’s what my opponent did this week. All I had to do was to pick better than someone who didn’t even bother submitting picks.

Through Sunday, we were tied at seven picks apiece. Last night, I had the Saints, he defaulted to the visiting Vikings. Thanks to the Saints, I lost my match to a guy who did nothing to earn his win. Fuckers.

But other than the atrocious reffing and the frustrating end, yeah, it was a fun game to watch. There’s also the silver lining here – I’m rooting for a Saints loss every week, since my Giants get their 2nd and 5th-rounder next year. The worse they do, the higher those picks, thanks.

That allowed me to win my Fantasy League game this week.

My opponent was only a few points behind me going into the game, and he had Peterson on his team so i was worried, but Peterson had no touchdowns and fewer than 50 total yards. Excellent!

I was in the same situation, but my opponent had BOTH Peterson AND Bush. I knew I was doomed, but amazingly I would have won if they had just held Bush to ONE punt return for a touchdown. Just damn!