Hey Tiburon, Yoo Hoo!

They’ve given a really cool and totally unique red jellyfish your name. It’s armed and dangerous (to smaller prey) and here’s some details:

"In the cold, dark waters north of the Farallon Islands, nearly a mile beneath the surface, scientists have discovered a new species of huge jellyfish with a striking red bell that grows more than a yard wide and has a cluster of wrinkled, fleshy arms instead of streaming tentacles …

… In a formal scientific report on the new tribe of jellies, marine biologists led by George Matsumoto of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing have announced that so far 23 members of the curious species have been found in the Sea of Cortez, in Monterey Bay itself, off the coast north of the Farallones and off Hawaii and Japan. It appears to live at depths of 2,000 to 4,800 feet, they say …

… From their samples, the scientists found that Big Red differs so much from all other species in a much larger family of jellies known as the Ulmaridae that they can call Big Red a unique member of a subfamily that the researchers now call Tiburoniinae."

It has no tentacles, it must be a castrato jellyfish.

So, basically, what you are saying Shirley, is that this jellyfish is stinging in a higher octave ?

I think there’s already a fish with his name Zenster :).

Doesn’t Tiburon mean ‘Shark’?

I *squid * you not.

Shirley Don’t you have something better to *octopi * your time with than these drive bys?


Hmmm…another pun thread. I find this fishy. There’s no need for this carp here. I don’t want to make anemone, but please no moray!

“At first, Matsumoto said, they named their specimen Gumdrop after the seamount, but they decided later to name the unique genus Tiburonia after the name of the Monterey Bay Aquarium research vessel Tiburon, whose crew controls the ROV [Remotely Operated Vehicle], and named the species granrojo, meaning Big Red.”

Now, shall we discuss the, “wartlike clusters of stinging cells?”

No? Carry on then.

Sheesh, with fronds like this, who needs anemones?


Tiburoniinae - I like it! Yup, Tiburon means shark. Kick ass article, Zenster, thank you! I’ve never had a thread with my name in the title. heh. (This is not a plea for a pit thread.)


And here I was, all ready to pit ya 'n stuff…

Back at 'cha Tibs!

I believe that Tiburon was planning to explain those to me in person one day.

Hama, I’ve been using that cream you loaned me but nothing seems to be working.

That thing looks like a big mushroom with legs.

You say that like it’s a bad thing!!!

Haven’t we all seen something like that towards the end of a favorite and prolonged binge?

I mean, aren’t you the one who assembles pigeon-winged rats and stuffed lizards? Not that I’m opposed to that, mind you. After all, pigeons are merely rats with wings to begin with.

I just can’t help but think of how you could have lots 'o fun grafting some disembodied frog legs onto a Portabello mushroom and making it into a weird sort of posable dining table centerpiece for your next dinner party.

With Love,



You have no idea just how afraid I am about who you have me confused with. Ha! You crack me up, Zenster.

I’ll bet they did it on porpoise!

Apologies. However, I’m proud to say, there is a poster here who does reconfigure (via taxidermy) all sorts of critters. Didn’t mean to implicate you in such weirdness if you’re opposed to it.

How’s the cream working? Has the stinging stopped?

And you, Hamadryad, was your white elephant giftie just plain astonishingly useless?