Hey twickster...moriah...

My 80-year-old mom doesn’t read message boards, doesn’t know that I do (mainly because she wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if I even told her) and has never of The Straight Dope, which is why I had to laugh when I got this email today:

Actually, I say I laughed, but I was more startled to see twickster’s name pop up in an email from my mother. At least she didn’t ban me. :wink:

I don’t get the “E” in that explanation. Solfege was specifically designed to be a single syllable per note, so that it could be held out for the entire duration. So the “E” must mean something else. But what?

Now, if it said “Guido’s high note in G,” then I would get it.

How funny! Did you tell your mom you’re a member, Maserschmidt? And did you tell her your screen name?

I got the email yesterday and haven’t decided yet… I’m trying to recall if I posted anything that I wouldn’t want her to point out to my wife. :slight_smile:

Tell her twicks says “hi.”

I love this.

Probably the first time on a messageboard that someone used the line “Tell your mom hi for me” without looking to start a fight.

And last.

E = “it’s”, in Italian. Guido’s high note is La.