Hey vB, stop messing with my typing!!

Well, I just started this thread titled UNIX SVR4, and upon submitting the post, noticed that it was changed to “Unix Svr4.” So, does vB automatically de-capitalize letters in titles? Would it be possible (or a good idea) to change that?

No and no. I think perhaps you simply typed something other than what you think you did. Or you typed it in an application which changed it prior to it being pasted here.

Well, I didn’t type it in another application. I just titled this thing “THIS IS A TEST.” So let’s see what happens.

#$@!(!! I must be on drugs…

UncleBeer, it has happened to me, too. I kluged the title a bit to get around it in this test thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=163773

Aha! So I was not hallucinating. Is this a random problem? Does previewing vs. not previewing affect it?

From the FAQ

Below is a list of disabled features:

<…>[ul][li]“shouting” in titles (all uppercase titles)[/ul][/li][/quote]