Hey wanna be cool kids - saying "First world problems" to sound hipster-dismissive is getting tired

First world problems

I realize it’s self deprecating fun and I’ve said it myself, but the phrase is getting kind of tired and overused at this point, and honestly it sounds kind of stupid after a while. Not everything has to meet the standard of involving life and death survival to be a valid problem.

So stop it. Stop it now!

Obvious reply would be too obvious…

Yes… delicious recursion has stopped you in your tracks. It’s an endless mirror.

So when a dude in Somalia is upset because a new cell phone became available a day after he bought his, is that a first world problem or a third world problem?

I once read a take down of the meme which I can’t remember well enough to replicate but the basic point was “We’re not cave men over here with every issue being life and death. We find little petty annoyances as irritating as anyone else does.”

Can we please stop bringing Reddit’s and 4chan’s shit over here? Please? I used to like this place. Now we’ve got people blatantly starting OPs with “Over on Reddit, they were talking about ___.” Just stop.

How long until complaining about how the phrase is getting tired and overused gets tired and overused?

Never! Complaining about something makes it fresh and sparkly. It’s like getting your hymen back!

:eek: Call the mods! Call the mods! Global cross-boards junior modding! Not allowed! Against all the roolz! Can’t have that! Mods! Mods! DO something!

^This, squared.

I was sick of “first world problems” before being sick of it was cool.

I have lots of first world problems, but only ironically.

are you being sarcastic?

Noooo, I’m not being sarcastic. :rolleyes:

Sorry, I was going for "I don’t even know anymore."

Personally, I find that a useful reminder to have some perspective and not overreact. Just my opinion. :smiley:

u mad bro?

“The ‘First World Problems’ meme bothers me” - First World Problem

I keep meaning to get a picture of President Obama, and have something about “I need to run for reelection while fighting wars in two countries and getting my country’s economy out of the crapper, while providing healthcare to those who can’t afford it!”

First World Problems.

Similarly, show the Earth getting hit by an asteroid, or blown up by energy-aliens, or attacked by the Borg, or whatever have you, with Professor Farnsworth saying “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” These memes don’t HAVE to be so damn repetitive and ironic.

Well, I haven’t run into this idea before, and I think it’s kind of refreshing in a particular light. Specifically, a lot of those suggest to me 'Yes, this is annoying, and your life isn’t exactly how you want. But look at the elements in this situation that would be a blessing to somebody who doesn’t live in as rich a corner of the world as you do, and take a little time to be grateful."

I think a lot of us first-worlders should do that more often, instead of getting so wrapped up in our problems.

You mean the phrase has Jumped The Shark? (But hasn’t Jumped the Shark, umm, jumped the shark?)

I’ll use First World Problems when discussing my own little concerns… Doesn’t mean I won’t discuss them, though.