Hey, what's for lunch? How about Solar Eggs!

I started a thread some time ago about what to do with my old Dish Network dish. After several ideas I decided on covering it with mirrors and building a solar cooker.

So, today, I made solar scrambled eggs.

It worked pretty good even without building a mount to hold a pan.

I have to say, they tasted very nice.

It sounds better if you say that today you made your scrambled eggs using a thermonuclear heat source. :wink:

I suppose. But everything I cook with that thing is solar toast, solar eggs, solar links, solar muffins, etc.

“thermonuclear” is so 80’s.

OK, how about “I used a fusion furnace”?

And here I thought this’d be a reference to it being hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

How long did it take to cook the egg?

Very neat, Seven!

Now I’m hungry for some sunnyside up eggs. Yum.

Very cool. Could you rig it so that you could cook with Pyrex containers, suspended at the focal point with a wire tripod/frame or something? That big cast-iron pan looks like it would block a lot of the sun’s rays from the dish.

Very cool. Now if you could only use it as a weapon…

Heh heh.

That takes me back to the summer of water-cooled “sun-tokes.”

Oat1957: It took about 2.5-3 minutes to cook them.

The Scrivener: I have a micophone gooseneck and a teracotta pot with a lid. I thought I could mount them on there somehow.