Hey, women have hair on their legs!

Just the other day I saw a picture of a woman with unshaven legs. It shocked the hell out of me. I swear to you that I had forgotten that women have hair on their legs. It was weird, I honestly thought that it was supposed to something like a “bearded lady” because girls don’t grow hair on their legs, just as they don’t on their faces. In fact, now that I think about it, that photo may have been the first time in my entire life that I had seen a woman with un-shaven legs. I had just never thought about it, and the idea of women with hairy legs still seems unnatural and creepy. Therefore I move to have geneticists work to wipe out the plague of feminine leg hair once and for all! Do it for the children.

Yes, well, I’ll remember to keep my hairy legs well hidden, 'cause it’s unnatural and creepy. Got it.

Now that geneticists have wiped out HIV, cancer, and the plague, they can get to work on society’s real problem: female leg hair.

Muad’Dib, we might as well get it out into the open. Many of those pretty women you see on the street in slacks have hair on their legs. Sometimes it is fully grown and practically swirls into a pattern. More often, it is the cursed stubble. Brace yourself. Someday your wife’s legs will feel like sandpaper #5.

Meanwhile, we women long for those opportunities to pull the hairs on your backs out one at a time each night with tweezers. We wait until you are almost asleep…and then…

I guess I’d better stop there.

Zoe, you forgot to mention the ear hairs. I’ll be sitting on the couch, reading a book, and my husband is watching TV, when he decides that he wants to put his head in my lap. That’s when the Urge to Tweeze strikes. I MUST remove those ear hairs!

Lynn your hubby has those too, what is it with these guys as they age ? What I want to go after is those wild eyebrow hairs that have stated up over the past few years. The ones that grow really long really fast . I must kill those.

Women have hairy legs???

Pah! I refuse to believe you.

I suppose next you’ll be telling me they have hairy armpits too!

And eyebrows. Hairy eyebrows. I’ll let you in on a secret, though - sometimes, they get them waxed.

At least they never fart, though.

It took me until age 15 to realize that women did, in fact, have hair anywhere but on their head and genital region.

I saw women in Mexico with unshaven legs. I actually think hirsute women are a little sexy now. :eek:

Mmm, cute female hairs! :slight_smile:

I BOLDLY volunteer to help on the genetic modifcation for female leg hair.

mmm soft silky legs.

Hell, I’ve been asked not to shave for awhile, for a modeling session (for a photography exhibit on ‘natural’ women.)

And yes, I do keep very clean - showers, deodorant and such. Still, my legs and arms do itch something fierce. And thank goodness for opaque black tights.

I really can’t be bothered to shave my legs at all. I think the last time I did was over a year ago for a wedding. Who cares?

Speaking as a man who can virtually platt his leg her - generally i’m quite happy to cut women a little slack when it comes to the whole leg shaving thing.

After all if they can put up with me then it seems only fair…

You can tell you’re getting older when your nose hairs start to tickle your upper lip.

I don’t even bother with shaving any more. I married a man that has more skin covered with hair than not. When he asks the hairstylist to shave his neck, she stops at the neck line of his shirt, but not because that’s where the hair stops.


Shaving is pointless. No razor has touched my legs since I was 16, and anyone who criticizes me for having hairy legs isn’t worth associating with.

I have refused to shave for quite awhile now. The historical reasons for shaving are dumb, and it’s yet another persistant cultural dictum of what women should look like.

Bugger that.