Hey, xbuckeye, can we talk a minute?

In this(http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=331648&page=4) thread, you said (the “you” in the quotation refers to a banned poster)

Here’s the post from the thread:
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In your rush to name-calling, didja completely miss my post or just not have a good answer that blamed fate, not overeating and lack of activity?

Me: My bad for not answering you, although it should have been clear from the quoting and all that I was talking to Crafter Man, not you.

Ok, on to you:
Quote by xbuckeye:
Isn’t this sort of a circular argument? So there are a bunch of people with high insulin levels, but high insulin levels are a response to high blood sugar which is a result of an unhealthy diet. So which happened first, the high insulin or the overweight condition? This is part of the reason why losing weight reverses Type II diabetes. But, whether or not this woman has high insulin levels, or low thyroid hormone levels, or polycystic ovaries, or whatever, she still was overweight and her doctor still only told her the truth.

Insulin or not, anyone restricting their calories enough to have appreciable weight loss is going to feel ‘miserable hunger’ when they stick to their diet until they get used to the reduced food volumes. I know I did, and didn’t claim is was because my metabolism was all messed up, I just ate too damn much for a decade or so and my body adapted to that. Once I got used to smaller meals and fewer snacks, I am no longer miserably hungry unless I forgot my lunch.

Me, again: I don’t know which came first, high insulin or being overweight. As I read my cites (and I hope you did, too), the doctors don’t know, either. I do know my experience, which is that lowering my insulin to normal through medication allowed me to diet. Before then, all the willpower in the world didn’t allow me to tolerate the crazy hunger I experienced. After the meds, my hunger was tolerable. For me, the medication made a difference. Since only I experienced my hunger before and after the meds, I can’t convince you it was different than yours. Heck, I don’t even know that. All I know is that my hunger with high insulin was less tolerable to me than my hunger with normal insulin. Period. I am not “claiming” my metabolism was messed up, it was. Blood tests and all. Insulin 5 times normal. Doctors willing to prescribe medication.

Here’s the point I think everyone has missed, because you want so badly to argue–I said I lost weight through diet and exercise. Every single time, I said that. All I am saying is that the insulin resistance made it harder, and when it was fixed, it was easier. Why is it so unbearable for some of you to believe that losing weight is harder for some than others? Not on a cellular level, perhaps (although I know that insulin affects fat storage in some way, but don’t know much beyond that), but certainly on the level of human behavior. (end of post)
Wow. I don’t see how I deserved to be lumped together with two banned posters for a response like that. Ouch. I answered your questions and was civil to you. I even made it clear that I was referring to Crafter Man in my snarky comment, and you still, a day later, felt the need to take a shot? That hurts.

BTW, I would have just posted this in the original thread, but it was locked.