Hey ya, Charlie Brown!

Outkast’s “Hey Ya”, the Peanuts version. I think Charles M. would have liked it.

(I searched and didn’t find this - if we’ve done it before, my most sincere, humblest, most abject apologies.)

This always made me giggle- always. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Hey, did I see that animation first on the Dumont network? Someone carbon-date that link, I think it’s from the Paleolithic era!


I thought the person who originally made it was sued by Schultz’s heir’s for copyright violation?

Still amusingm, though.

But…it says right on the video “Please don’t sue us”!

I don’t know if they were sued or simply threatened, but the makers took it down and asked that it not be distributed.

“ebaum’s world” was ordered to take it down:

He might have, but the folks at United Feature didn’t.


That was hysterical! I’d never seen it…thanks! :smiley: