Hey you idiot third party voters!

When you so smugly vote for the Green party you might actually be voting for a Republican.

The Republican party isn’t stupid. They know you love to sit around the (NOT) Starbucks coffee house and tell everyone how YOU didn’t vote for the Republican or the Democrat. You voted third party to show them.

Obviously, they’re looking to peel away a few votes from the Democrats with this stunt. You know what? It will work! Enough of you will push the Green button so you can stick it to the man!

I do wish we had a viable 3rd party to consider. At this point, we don’t. I had a discussion with a friend before the 2000 election.

Him: I’m voting for Nader

Me: Do you think he has a legitimate chance to win?

Him: (thinking…) No, not really.

Me: Don’t you want your vote to count?

Him: It will count

Me: Who do prefer less, Gore or Bush?

Him: Bush

Me: Well, don’t you think using your vote for Nader takes a vote away from Gore and helps Bush?

Him: I guess. But I like Nader best.

Me: That’s fine. Do you think he can win?

Him: No.

He voted for Nader anyway. Which is fine. His choice and all.

I hate Nader and what he did in 2000. But, at least he was actually a person who represents the views of the Green party.

The Republicans running as Green party candidates to draw votes away from Democrats in these close Arizona races are just despicable. Even more disgusting is that I fully expect the tactic to work.

I think after 2000 everyone is aware of the dangers of throwing your vote away on a hopeless candidate. I don’t see it happening this year: Barack Obama is the kind of person that voting “rebels” would choose to vote for even if he is a Democrat rather than a Green or Libertarian.

The Green Party was trying to elect George Bush? Because that’s what Nader was doing in 2000.

In the weeks before the election, some advisors felt that the Green Party should pull out of close states where Bush and Gore were running close. They knew that in close elections many potential Green voters would decide to vote for Gore instead of risking Bush winning. So the Greens felt they should switch their efforts to solid red and blue states where the outcomes weren’t in doubt and potential Green voters would feel they could safely vote Green without it affecting the outcome of the election. If they had done this, the Green Party would have gotten more votes overall, would have raised their profile, might have qualified for future election funds, and local Green candidates might have benefited.

Nader however insisted on the opposite course. He said they had to pull out of committed states and put their efforts into the battleground states. This hurt the Green Party, for the reasons I gave above, but it furthered Nader’s personal agenda of hurting the Democratic Party. When Bush beat Gore, Nader celebrated what he called a victory.

Actually, I"m not trying to raise the Nader issue all over again.

The rant is about Republicans who are registering as Greens to try to draw some support away from Democratic candidates in very close Arizona state assembly races.

What we need is a vote trading system where voters in swing states can trade their votes with people in states destined to go to one party or the other. If someone in Ohio who wants to indicate support for the Greens agrees to vote for Obama someone in New York or Texas would agree to vote for the Green candidate.

Texas isn’t exactly a lock for McCain this year. He leads by single digits.

What we need is approval voting.

I rather like what we have in NY. Electoral Fusion.

That, and instant-runoff would be nice.

Then why is your thread titled “Hey, you idiot third party voters”?

Fucking moron.

Because there are idiots who will push the Green button without knowing who they’re voting for. They just know they’re voting Green, which is always better than voting Democrat. They think they’re doing a good deed by supporting the third party.

Fuck you.

Maybe, just maybe, if your precious Dems will get off their fucking asses and stop lording it over the rest of the peons in the State Assembly, I might see a point to voting the Republicans out of their position of power in the State Senate. In the meantime, fuck you for believing that the only fucking vote that matters is the Presidential vote. I’m in a state where I can vote for goddamned Adolf Hitler and it’s not going to change a fucking thing on the national level.

So, fuck you.

I’m voting third party for every in every race where they’re running one who doesn’t stink more than the Republicrat candidates for that office.

Fuck you.

If you want people to stop voting third party, fix your goddamned political party.

And just in case you haven’t figured it out, asswipe, you’ll have more chance of getting your pissy, whiny, bitching voice heard if you participate in your local elections as well as the big every four year circus.

Fuck you.

Perhaps because I have the integrity to vote for the person I think will be best in any given office instead of blindly checking all of the {D} or {R} boxes. I actually take the time to research the candidates (hell, I’ve personally met the majority of the people on our ballot) and choose the ones I think will do a good job.

The reason we’re locked into this two-party system is strictly because of people like you who are terrified of voting for anybody that isn’t one of the “big two” because you’ll be “throwing away your vote.” If everybody did a bit of research and voted for the ones they believe in, we’d have “third party” candidates all over Congress and they’d be taken seriously for president.

So, ditch your condescending attitude and try looking a bit deeper than the {D}s and {R}s next time. You may actually learn something.

Neither main party represents my bedrock views. I am anti war. We are in 2 and pondering a 3rd. We should not have gone into Iraq . It was wrong. Obama is not pulling out. He wants to add troops in Afghanistan , Wrong. He wants to consider forays into Pakistan to possibly get Al Queda . Nope. They actually have a bomb and are the home of Al Queda. That would increase the radicalization of the people.
The war on terrorism is not a war. It is a police action that should utilize the talents of the FBI, CIA and Interpol. It should be gone after like the Mafia. Creatively and intelligently use the tools available.
McCain loves wars and boners up at the thought of attacking Iran. He is a dangerous old goat that chose a maniac for VP. They should get soundly defeated. They are Bush , Cheney and Rumsfield on steroids.
Wars like we are involved in, destroy our national values, our international prestige and destroy our economy. They do no good at all.
I still have to vote for Obama. He is much better than McCain and Palin. I wish there was a reasonable 3rd party. Nader is right about nearly everything. But he can not win.

There will never be a viable third party until we break this ignorant assumption that voting for a third party is either wasting your vote or helping the party you don’t like.

Hey, I voted for Jesse Ventura for Governor on the assumption that he couldn’t win, because I couldn’t stomach voting for either of the other clowns. Guess what happened?

I have voted for third parties in the past and I will do so in the future. But I don’t do so in ignorance of who their candidate is and what that person actually stands for.

Hell, given the choice between Franken and Coleman in our Senate race, I’ll definitely be looking at the third party candidates this year!

Nader is a protest vote. Nobody seriously thinks that Nader would have the slightest idea what to do if he was actually president. He doesn’t offer anything to liberals that Obama doesn’t. (Esp. in terms of being able to actually accomplish things as opposed to talking about them.)

I know this is the pit, but I will keep this mostly calm. dalej42 you sound silly in your Op and especially the subject of your Op. In many cases people who vote Green are not taking a vote from the Democrats but actually taking a vote from the Republicans. Every time I voted a third party candidate it was one less vote for the Republicans. There have been a few democrats I have really liked, but not many. So voting Green or Natural Law or even Libertarian was an alternative when the Dem was a typical leftist wonk and the Republican was a repulsive Theo-crat or incompetent like lets us say Bush II.

I realize this is not all about Nader, but perhaps those Republicans you are angry about are other disenfranchised Green or Rockerfeller Republicans and are registering as Greens so they are not associated with the party of Bush II and Palin. I’ve had enough of Theo & Neo-Cons and registered independant this year. I would like to see more Bull-Moose style or Rockerfeller Republicans. I have finally given up hope that we will ever take back our party and now hope only that the Theo-Cons will collaspe their Republican Party and a new one will replace them.

I really like Obama, but he is the rare Democrat I really like.

Yeah, good thing there aren’t idiots who will vote Republican or Democrat without knowing who they’re voting for.

I’m sorry but that’s simply not true for a lot of us. Obama to me is just another Democrat, better than some, worse than others. He’s a member of a party that wants to perpetuate a system I don’t believe in, and he advocates quite a number of policies that I don’t believe in. I’m not going to vote for him when there’s somebody I like better just because his main opponent is even worse.

Also, what Chimeraand InvisibleWombat said.

Hey, go fuck yourself. Your piece-of-shit party can have my vote when it supports policies and platforms I support. Until then, don’t think I owe you a fucking thing.