HGTV - House Hunters

This is true. A friend of mine tried to get on the show and they said they would talk to them after they buy the house. It’s completely fake. Why fake it? What are the chances that someone is going to actually buy one of 3 random homes shown to them. Someone may look at 50 houses before they end up buying something…

Don’t forget the show ‘Buying Alaska’… that’s just like ‘House Hunters’ and ‘Hawaii Life’, only in Alaska, which is much more interesting to me.

Why are so many people fascinated by these shows I have no idea. Buying a house can be one of the most stressful things we do.

I like the HHI even though I know they have already purchased the home - but it is interesting to see what your money can get you in foreign countries.

Sometimes I am shocked they get something really great for so cheap and sometimes I am even more shocked to see they are paying a fortune for some dump. I guess I just like to fantasize what it would be like to move to that country and see what I could get…

Because what Dung Beetle said – we like to look at other people’s houses. Have you ever driven by someone’s house at night, when the lights are on and the drapes are open – and you slowed down so you could look inside?

I like the show but don’t bother if the hunters are looking at condos, apartments, townhouses, or McMansions. Give me a Colonial, Craftsman, Victorian, seaside bungalow, etc. One I’ve never seen is a Prairie Four Square.

It’s my favorite reason for going to estate sales, especially in the north shore area of the Chicago burbs. So many amazing houses you get to check out.

Renovation Realities? We watch that, usually on Saturday nights we don’t go out (which turns out to be practically every Saturday anymore), on the DIY channel.

I hate HATE HATE that word. If you need a separate place in the house for YOUR STUFF because your wife won’t let you put it anywhere else than you need to re-examine your relationship.

There’s also “Buying Hawai’i.” Much better than “Hawai’i Life” as it showcases more of the natural beauty of the islands.

Or when the realtor takes them to houses WAY above their budget. “I know it’s half a million over what you wanted to spend, but you get a nice big back yard.” I mean if you have a budget, you have a budget. It’s not like you wouldn’t want to spend the extra $$, but presumably you don’t have it available.

Although I truly don’t understand how the people come up with this kind of money anyway.

I agree with both of these. I just like to see different houses, especially the ones in foreign countries. The house-buying process itself isn’t of the slightest interest to me.

May I take a moment to complain of the excreble Love It Or List It? I watched it a few times on the recommend of a guy at work, who swears he and his wife never miss an episode.

I’m not actually sure that there actually is more than one episode. They all proceed the same way:

  • Bald dude and smug lady snark their way through overstuffed tiny house.
  • Couple has ridiculous list of demands.
  • Bald dude takes couple to see house that has nothing they want
  • Smug lady promises to completely gut house, remove all the walls, gourmet kitchen, etc.; couple is thrilled
    shock discovery of MAJOR STRUCTURAL PROBLEMS omg
  • Bald dude takes couple to see house they both hate; they badmouth him on their way home
  • Smug lady tells them they’re not getting anything they wanted; they badmouth her
  • Bald dude takes them to house that has everything they want, is in their current neighborhood, and is below their pricepoint… which they apparently never noticed being for sale while walking around the block
  • Couple returns home and finds that they love all the stuff that smug lady did, even though she didn’t do half of their ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES
  • Bald dude and smug lady snark and bicker again
  • so will they Love It
    long pregnant pause
  • or List It

… And they always end up staying. This show is so dumb I think I’ve had hair clogs in my shower drain that are smarter.

And so obviously scripted!

I always wonder if the show creators are under the misapprehension that bald guy or smug lady are likable to anyone.

Yeah, you’ve seen one Love It or List It, you’ve seen them all.

The realtor and the decorator are soooo nasty to each other! And when-- because they’re always older houses-- the decorator can’t deliver everything she promised because the whole house has to be rewired, or it’s full of dry rot, or haunted because it was built on a Revolutionary War-era cemetery, the owners act like it’s her fault. I love the episodes where the owners want an extra bedroom and the decorator is supposed to create the space out of thin air.

And this realtor is one of the worst about taking the people to houses that are way over their budget.

In fairness, sometimes they stay and sometimes they move.

No kidding. Someone should do a Youtube movie with Hilary (Smug Lady) getting ripped to shreds by a bear or something - I’d watch the hell out of that! Now that I think about it, pretty much everyone on the show is a terrible person - the home owners are usually assholes, Hilary and David (Bald Guy) are assholes, the contractor is an asshole - about the only one who isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool asshole is Hilary’s assistant - I get the impression she is very, very long-suffering, however, from having to work with Hilary The Queen Of All She Surveys.

And Bald Guy David has one of the worst excuses for a nose I ever saw. It’s a Bob Hope nose, but Bob Hope could carry it off.

I think you mean “an Upper Canada Rebellion-era cemetery”, since it’s filmed in Toronto.

Oh right, eh?

HGTV has turned into the Real Estate Network. Almost every show is about buying, selling or renting property. House Hunters, Buying Some State, Property Brothers, The One With The Handsome Hunk Who Fixes Up Your Apartment For Renting Out, Love It or List It . . ., the list continues.

Gone are Design on a Dime, Candice Olsen, Color Splash, Debbie Travis. Hell, they could have kept Designed to Sell but that show was all about design and the sell part was just a two second epilogue by the homeowners at the end. If you want to see any design shows, you gotta watch DIY.

That said, I do watch House Hunters and think of the grand an beautiful house I could afford to live in if only I were willing to live in suburban Idaho.

Upon reading the latest in this thread, I now know why I don’t watch HGTV as much as I used to. I like HHI because of the “international” intrigue, but really, that’s it. My favorite RE show was the old “Buy Me”. It’s too bad they’re no longer rerunning it :frowning:

Since we’re now talking about other HGTV shows: of the current crop of real estate shows, Property Virgins is the one I enjoy the most. Both the original host Sandra and current host Egypt seem genuine, and on occasion you’ll get guest buyers who aren’t completely loathsome.

And while I’m sure it is scripted to a large extent, the ending isn’t - sometimes they buy the house of their dreams, sometimes they give up, sometimes they postpone - and all outcomes seem realistic.

Well, that is true. Also, every time I look at her, I see this.

I know I complained about this in a previous thread, but in my mind it bears repeating. What the hell happened to the “G” in HGTV? There are NO gardening shows anymore. I adored Paul James and Gardening by the Yard. He had lots of sound practical advice for both the avid and weekend gardener.

I agree, Mattie. It seems like the actual instructional shows are now gone, the ones where they show you, in detail, how to do something. I also miss Dean and his woman-of-the-week helper; they showed great stuff that the average homeowner could actually do, with a bit of know-how.