Reason #412 to yell at the program "House Hunters"

“I’ll die if I can’t have my white kitchen!”

WHAT?? I have a white kitchen, I guess, white cabinets is what they mean?? I hate it. It’s the kitchen and food can splash! Every time I get down on the floor or up the step stool to clean cabinet fronts, I wonder WTF these people are thinking. I’d kill for nice polyurethaned wood look cabinets. At least the stuff wouldn’t show so bad!

Are these the same people who’ll die if they don’t have white carpets?

Haven’t watched that show in some time. Switched over to Property Bros and Love It or List It - then found other things than HGTV.

My favorite was the comment that the master suite “is kinda small.” And of course, the classic, “I’m not crazy about the paint color.”

Right up there with, “I don’t like the drapes.” :smack:

My kitchen is white precisely because I hate having to clean the kitchen by touch; it’s also in a damn dark place: no matter what time of day, no matter what weather, you need to switch the lights on. If it had had decent natural light I would have gone for a light wood. But definitely, no cleaning the kitchen by touch!
The carpenter pointed out “it’s going to look like a lab” “I’m a chemist :D” “ok then :stuck_out_tongue: want some bunsens or you got your own?” “I’ll make do with the stove, thank you.”

I watched all three shows for a while, but they get old, really fast. They’re all exactly the same. And even the renovations done by the Property Brothers look exactly the same as every other house they’ve ever done. The only thing they’re good for is imagining that your renovation might go as smoothly as the ones on TV, with the schedule met and the budget maintained or only slightly exceeded.

There’s a British house-hunting show called “Escape to the Country” on Netflix that I occasionally look at. I was absolutely flabbergasted in one episode, in which the husband said of one house, “I don’t like the color.”

And his wife calmly replied, “Paint exists, dear.”

The English really are different than us!

Oh, but see, the renovations on the shows never actually go smoothly. Part of the formula is that there always must be a small bit of (almost undoubtedly manufactured) drama: “Ooops, we found mold / that’s a load-bearing wall / we’ll need to rewire everything,” which then must involve an uncomfortable call to the clients / owners, to explain that they will need to spend an extra $5000 on it.

Why, yes, I’ve seen far too many of these shows (all of these shows are like comfort food for my wife).

Ooooo-- we haven’t had a thread trashing HH for a while! I’m in!

Why does every kid have to have their own bedroom? Also, stairs-- we can’t have stairs because of the baby/toddler/kid. Kids have lived in houses with stairs for a very long time, and many of them did not die. Besides the kid isn’t going to be a kid forever.

“Yuck, these faucets are so DATED! Everything is so DATED!” This said in a house that was built in 2000. :rolleyes:

“We’re just going to have to GUT the kitchen AND the bathroom!” This from people who have already gone $50,000 over their budget.
Can we include HH International?

“Ugh! The washing machine is in the kitchen! That’s just crazy!”

“The rooms are so small! I’m used to bigger rooms like we have in the USA!” (Um, not everyone in the USA **HAS **big rooms, k?)

“This yard isn’t big enough for the kids to play in!”

Ah, the entitlement… it just pours out of the TV. I confess I do enjoy yelling at the people.

I stopped watching House Hunters for that very reason. They’re all spoiled brats! Most of the houses looked move-in ready to me.

That light fixture is so dated - change it out
The kitchen is so outdated - looks new to me
I really need tray ceilings - why?
That fireplace mantle has to go - then get rid of it
Yew - that paint color is bad - paint

When we were looking for houses, our concern was the location, roof, furnace, hot water heater, was there a garage, number of bedrooms and the basic soundness of the house. Anything inside could be changed.

The one that I’ll always remember is the couple that was looking for a home with acreage because they had horses. They looked at a beautiful house that had a lot of fenced land, a barn, numerous sheds that were all in great condition. (Believe me, this was not Ma & Pa Kettle’s farm!) The price was within their budget. The wife turned her nose up at it and said, “I really need a double sink in the master bathroom.”

And for the OP - I agree, a white kitchen would be tough to keep clean unless you had a maid! I get anxiety when I see the designers on any of the HGTV shows give the homeowners white couches!! Who in their right mind would have/want a white couch even if you didn’t have kids or pets?

I don’t like regular House Hunters just because it’s boring, but I hate-watch HH International. Everyone wants to be on the beach, while also in the middle of downtown, and have a giant place for $600 a month.

What does the coroner put as Cause/Manner of Death? :confused:

All those people do is bitch! I can only watch for a little while until the bitching drives me up the wall. The international episodes are the worst. If your choice is old town Vienna, or in view of the Eiffel Tower, DON’T carry on if doesn’t look like the inside of a cookie cutter tract home in the US! Overseas is DIFFERENT.

Ugh. I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee!

Ah, “hate-watch” – so that’s what it’s called. :smiley: Thanks for a new term!

Definitely manufactured drama; it should be obvious from the start which are the load-bearing walls.

House Hunters International can be fun just to see how people in other countries live, like how Europeans have the washing machine (or combined washer/dryer) in the kitchen. In another episode, the apartments in Berlin were cheaper than I expected for a world capital. And there’s the European thing with installing your own kitchen, rather than having the cabinets and such built into the apartment.

Regarding House Hunters: I’ve long suspected that the shoppers are coached by the producers to make lots of verbal comments about the houses as they go through them – because, otherwise, watching people walk quietly through houses is boring TV.

But, these aren’t actors, so you either get the insipid comments about easily-changed things (“I hate the paint / the fixtures / the drapes”), or just lots of “Oh, this is nice…that’s so nice…this room is nice…”

So, that’s another game I have when my wife is watching House Hunters. “I wonder if this next house will be nice? We can tell by how many times the people say ‘this is nice.’” :smiley:

Bringing your own cabinets and closets to a home is definitely German. Supposedly, property taxes are based on doors. I will say, you find glorious wall-units in Germany, and many military folks go home with them.

Like me. Called a schrank, it’s pronounced “shrunk” and it is definitely the centerpiece of the house.

Then there was the apartment where the kitchen was a big empty room. Not only do you bring your own cabinets, you are supposed to bring your own SINK. My neighbor (also a military family) did not have a “handy” husband, so she did her dishes in the bathtub.

Now you can understand why the International House Hunters make me scream, more than just a little bit…

I used to love so many shows on HGTV - especially the DIY type shows where you could learn how to do home projects. All of those seem to have disappeared, and instead, we’ve got staged remodel shows and the aforementioned HH idiocy. (“Natural light… man cave… granite and stainless steel… light and airy… walk in closets: where are you going to put your clothes, dear? hehehehe”) I gave up on the network. It has nothing to offer me.

It seems like some haven’t heard that the show is (at least sometimes) really fake? Like, the buyers have already chosen a house, or are viewing properties that aren’t in fact for sale?
House Hunters: What It Was Like to Be on the Show This is a post by a former buyer, whose account is quite damning:

See also:

ETA: I agree with others that the International HH show is fun for getting to see how people live in other countries, even if it’s staged.

Of course it’s fake. Everyone knows that. Otherwise every episode would end with “They chose House #2, but were outbid.” That’s why it’s a hate-watch.