Hi Hunni I'm home! ( RCC back)

Hey wait! That wasn’t supposed to happen. You were contained in the capsule, your adjacent adrenal glands were clear, wrapped and popped in a tray away next to the diseased kidney, finally the near distant lymph nodes were all clear enclosed and wrapped in bubble wrap waiting to get wrapped off in sun oil"!

And then?

Where did you come from?

And over 20 years later!

I’m looking at a quick catch you up of lung, bone and metastatic lesions and a whole lot of breathlessness to chose as bed sitters for this anticipated (short-ish) ride.

Its just sinking in. I’ll be back with a bit more if you can help with the bizarre.

Maybe that Groupon to Dignitas is not gonna be a bad idea:smack: Careful what you wish for


Man, so sorry.

The time scale is prolly starting end of June to July, lost a lot of time here methinks

I’m sorry to hear it. What’s the next step? (My brother, a couple cousins, an uncle, my niece’s wife and my brother in law have all had kidney cancer.)


So sorry to hear about this!

Good Luck !

(Thanks to StG for translating!)

Without treatment I have maybe 2+ months ( but the probabilities are …) The gold standard is pazopanid which has good chances for antiangienogenic options ( stops blood supplies to tumors)

But I may not make the cutoff of saturated 02 oxygen of 94%

I don’t even have a lead Onc
Lots of stuff to catch up where poss.

This should not happen!!

No it shouldn’t. Get yourself to a good Oncologist. Quickly.

TBH, at first I was thinking Roman Catholic Church.

Can you have the 2nd kidney removed and a transplant done, if there are no mets?


I broke some ribs last fall and had a nice potential vector filled with RCC suddenly escaping?

Not sure.