Hi, I just built a 5g reef tank on a shoestring budget

I figured someone would care.

I got all of the tank, the 7000K 20w(4w per gallon!) lighting, the tubing, the rock, live sand, anenomes(sp?), brittle star, several crabs(including one I cannot identify… any crab experts here?), bristle worms, 7 snails, 5 clams, sponge, all of it for under $100.

www.ventohost.com/danturk/5g if you want to have a look
yes, that is a 5g tank with a trickle/wet-dry/sump/fuge on it :slight_smile: and I’m VERY proud of this

Looks nice! Aren’t anemones a bit dirty for such a small tank? (don’t know, just asking)

I want to go salt water… but alas, the support facilities for the hobby are severely lacking in Prague. There is one store, on the other side of town, and I don’t have a car. So RO water and such would be a pain. So I wait…

Take care-

Congratulations. I’ve always wanted to build a salt water tank. I was talked out of it by several people with the reason being that it was very difficult to maintain. Do you have any experience in maintenance? I’m quite the novice and would like to get some pointers if possible.

Good luck.

Btw, Burrido I highly recommend John Tullock’s “Natural Reef Aquariums: Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater Microcosms” for someone in your situation. Best I’ve found.

And hey, if anyone in the ATL, GA area is looking for specimens or a small, manageable display tank, give a holler. I have a young but well established 8-gal Berlin-style system that’s about to become an orphan! Carribean live rock, several species of hardy soft corals, janitors, and macroalgae. It’s been super-easy to maintain.

Hey, that’s not built in a TV. I wanna see the converted TV with functional built-in DVD player!

Congratulations! It looks great! Good job on the sump - every time I try something DIY, it’s a disaster.

Hey Sample, I’m in Atlanta. How much do you want for your little setup?

I just turned on the option to allow other members to send me email. So use that option and I’ll give you the details.