Hi, Jack! (ckalli1998)

They think it’s nothing more than campaign rhetoric. At least that one has been coming around to the notion that Trump is bad for the country.

Don’t know who the fuck that guy is, and I would never choose such a foolish username.

Right, because the name ckalli1998 is so sophisticated.

One more piece of Traitorous Trump Trash now on my Ignore list. My advice to others is don’t feed the troll.

You’d like him. He was a bigly Trump fan. Yuuuge, even.

Personal attacks, and more personal attacks. Is that the why it is with you? Anyone who supports Trump’s policies and defends him is nothing but a troll, but liberal posters are not?:smack:
My username is sophisticated, it’s my initials and my surname.

He’s an honor student, guys! An honor student!! I mean, that’s impressive! We should respect this honor student man!!

Just another sad example of how the American education system is failing our kids.

So, which region of the country are you from? North, South, East, or West?
Also, where did you hear about the SDMB from?

Just Curious.

That’s what’s with this subsection. It’s called the BBQ pit for a reason.

I think you need to look up “sophisticated” in the dictionary.

Be sure to tell him it’s under S.

And do me a favor at least outside this thread: Try not to include the troll’s posts in quote boxes, so I don’t have to see them. That’s a major flaw with the Ignore function.

I’m from the East in New Jersey, and I just happened upon it when I was searching up for a place to debate Trump’s political appointments, and in the google search it came up with a link to straightdope.com.

A black guy pulled in at my bank the other day to get out and go to the ATM (I was first in line)-he didn’t even bother to turn off his car stereo-which was set to Rush Fucking Limbaugh’s show, blaring loud enough for all within 3 blocks to hear.

Like you, I. simply. don’t. get. it. either.

I’m not sure he’s a troll. I asked him for evidence with regards to the lead bullet ban and reducing the number of hunters and he provided it. The cites weren’t the best in the world (NSSF is very weak cite), but that’s far beyond what I see from the more trollish posters. Plus, I don’t get the impression he’s posting to get a rise of people.

@ckalli1998, one thing you should know about this board is there are a lot of experts here. We have numerous scientists (like me), engineers, doctors, lawyers, economists, police officers, soldiers, etc. At 19, with honors courses, I’m sure you think you’re quite knowledgeable about a great many things but compared to real experts in these fields, you’re not. I don’t say that to intimidate or to say you should simply bow down to an expert. I tell you this because anything factually incorrect will almost certainly get noticed and called. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong of course, that’s how we learn, so long as we are open to learning. Just want you to be prepared for it (assuming you’ve not fooled me with respect to being a troll).

It’s like lead-based paint is a staple in the American diet or something.

There’s a Greasemonkey script for that.

Much as I hate to admit it, the kids’ rubbing off on me as well.

If he is who he claims to be, then maybe he should stick around - we are amused.

If not, it will become self-evident in due time. We’ve tolerated far worse for far longer.

I tried fooling around with that Greasemonkey script and didn’t like it. I’ll just skip past the quote boxes.

I’m convinced he is who he says he is. I’m also convinced he’s kind of stupid for essentially posting under what is effectively his real name, place of residence and occupation.

Welcome to being tied to your plagiarism forever, Cameron!

Moron. He’s not being Pitted because he’s a teenage Republican. He made 100 posts his very first day, many of them in the Pit, called us libtards, made a lot of trollish posts, many of them plagarized, and did a lot of assholish things. There are excellent reasons to Pit him.

Um, so somehow in this mysterious coded worldview of yours “ll” = j, “ck” = kc, and “1998” = H. That makes tons of sense.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?