Hi, Jack! (ckalli1998)

Something called ckalli1998 hijacked the Pit thread about the Trumpster fire for pages.

That’s a weird username. It’s exactly like someone writing “hijack” backwards, then masking it a bit.


And clearly a determined hijacker. So: Hi, Jack!

Here’s the post where* Jack *actually shows something other than mindless cheerleading of the Trump administration and the American right wing:

OK, there’s hope for you yet.

That said–

You appear to be a college boy, and you think you’re clever. You are going to spend the next two years getting the cocksureness trained out of you, if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, you’ll skate through school and turn into another overgrown adolescent with a degree, like Ted Cruz.

I have socks older than you, in more than one sense. (Not on this board, though. Don’t do that.) I get where you’re coming from. You *will *end up disillusioned with the GOP, if you keep learning and are willing to swallow your juvenile pride and certainty. The alternative to disillusionment is to close your mind, and turn into something like Dick Cheney, or a more well-spoken version of Clothahump. That’d be a small tragedy.

But right now, you’re a joke. The good news is, you’ll live.

“1998” implies an age of 19. That almost automatically implies insufferable dorkdom.

When I turned 20 I realized where “sophomoric” came from, and agreed.

I think we should keep him. He seems smart enough to learn, even though he’s misinformed on a number of topics. But weren’t we all at 19? I think ckalli may even wind up a better poster than adaher, whom has made enormous progress over the last few years, if he keeps an open mind.

Stick around Ckalli. This board is an AP course in critical thinking.

Hello. You can call me Cameron, that’s my real name, not Jack.:slight_smile:

I’m not misinformed though. I’m a 19 year old man, got in a lot of honors courses, and I am very informed to make my own decisions.

I do support the Republican Party yes, but I do not agree with everything they’ve ever done, so I don’t consider myself to be a “cheerleader”. I’m independent.

I’m not a mindless cheerleader for anybody. The Republicans are at the strongest point they’ve been since the early 20th century; if they do something I disagree with, I’ll make it known.


That doesn’t impress anyone here.

Fair and balanced ones, I’m sure. :rolleyes:

No mindless cheerleader thinks they are.

So there isn’t anything yet? That pretty much defines mindless cheerleading.

Put down the Ayn Rand books and go learn some more about the world, kid.

Heh. That’s adorable.

I don’t agree with Randian philosophy that much, tbh.

I’m a conservative Republican, she was a libertarian, as well as a pro-abortionist.

Btw, I have called out the Republicans for their grossly incompetent ObamaCare repeal and replace which is Obamacare-lite, because it won’t stop the increasing premiums and will instead impose crushing costs on voters, many of whom are Trump supporters. It also keeps the penalty, although this time you have to pay it to insurance companies. The premium surcharge penalty for not maintaining health insurance for 63 consecutive days.

I have learned a lot about the world. Like most Republicans, I originally opposed affirmative action; now I am in favor of it after seeing many consistent reports about the continuing racism and discrimination in American society, and that it’s still necessary to counteract that. I think the Republicans who want to abolish affirmative action are wrong (although it’s pretty much become a dead issue, as the Supreme Court reaffirmed its legality last year, so long as it’s not quota-based, which is good and reasonable).

So are we raking any Republican that joins this board over the coals now? Even the teenagers?
I don’t typically White Knight, but jeez!

We all said that at 19. It’s not a slight, you just haven’t had the time and opportunity to assemble as much knowledge and experience as many of us. We’ve all gone through it. I already said you seem smart and capable of learning. Stick around and you’ll be sure to learn a lot as we have some extremely smart and knowledgeable posters here.

As a conservative, you’re going to take some flack. There are a number of posters here that prefer to use ad hominem attacks. Ignore them as best you can or stay out of the pit. Ad hominems are never cool, but they’re allowed by pit rules (with exceptions). You’re also likely to get piled on, but that’s due to the boards membership being mostly liberal. There are probably 5 or 6 liberal posters for every conservative, maybe more. Try not to take it personally, we all just love to argue :slight_smile:

I appreciate your concern, but I’m a not 19-year-old man, I know full-well what I am doing and I can defend myself. And yes, anyone who is 18 and over is a man.

Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind:cool:

Dammit, I’ve been using the wrong bathroom for the past 22 years. :frowning:

Read more and find the enormous failure of Ayn Rand’s objectivism philosophy. She was a crackpot, and those who still espouse that lame concept are also crackpots. Reject it at your earliest convenience.

Because of the included tax cuts, it also gives away about $157 billion to those with incomes over a million dollars. This according to the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation. Once again, the rich get richer under this administration.

Sorry, but no you haven’t. If you really want to learn a lot about the world, join the Peace Corps and see something besides your home town. Find out how people other than Americans live. Not doing so limits your perception of how things really work and makes you callous towards the plight of others.

I’m always puzzled when a person of color tells me he/she is a Republican. While I understand embracing a different economic or political policy, I don’t understand how they can get past the blatant racism, hate, and fear-mongering that goes on regarding voting rights and the clear disdain that a lot of Republicans have for anyone who is not a WASP. How do you reconcile that for the sake of getting a tax cut or eliminating Planned Parenthood?

You guys are being dumb. It’s a troll. It even copies shit from other posts. The civility shit is only because he’s trying not to get banned. If he believed it, he wouldn’t have been intentionally uncivil when he started. It’s just a way to attack others.

And, no, its not because he’s a Trump supporter. We had a newbie Trump supporter who wasn’t a troll. But this one is.

Alright, I should’ve said any male who is 18 and over is a man; I wasn’t trying to be sexist or anything.

The notion that Republicans look down on people who are not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants would come as a shock to the Republican Jewish Coalition, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (who, of course, is a Catholic), and Congressmen Lee Zeldin and David Kustoff of New York and Tennessee, both of whom are Republicans. Nice try.

The idea that Republicans are the party of rich, white, good ol’ boys is not new, and some Republicans have unfortunately said stupid shit to reinforce that notion. That doesn’t make the notion true. It’s not.

In fact, Trump did better among blacks and Hispanics than Romney did; he also did better among Jewish voters, although Democrats carried all three overwhelmingly but less than before.

I’m not a troll, anyone who reads my other posts would be able to see that clearly. Yes, I haven’t always given attribution, neither have a lot of other users when quoting, etc. But I always now have decided to give links to back up my statements, which is something that other users haven’t.

I’ve been accused of being a sock, a troll, etc. It appears some on here think that trying to delegitimize and attack the integrity of some users is a winning strategy, regardless of the fact that there isn’t any evidence supporting such assertions.

Troll. There’s already speculation it’s an incarnation of the banned BlinkyPinkyWinky, or whatever that one’s name was.