The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

Bush43 has enough other stuff to be blamed for. Is Trump currently supporting regulation of the financial industries? Are Congressional Republicans? If not, why not?

Yes, Mr. Trump supports reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, as he’s been saying for months.

The Republican Party also made it clear in their official 2016 party platform that they support the reinstatement of the Act.

You’re taking Trump at his word? Bwa-ha-ha… I hope you didn’t invest any money with him, though even if you had written and signed contracts, there are no guarantees.

If you stick around, you’ll be able to test that hypothesis.

I don’t get along with them.

You’re a bit wet behind the ears. (Not your fault.) I don’t have the energy to break in a new guy. Off you go.

He said on tape he assaulted women and that his position allowed him to.
Just because he (falsely) apologized doesn’t erase the fact.

Well, I’m saddened you don’t. There used to be a point where we had civility and you could get along with your political opponents despite your ideological disagreements?

I get along with a lot of liberals, for example.

I’ll also readily admit that liberals are right about some things. I’m a staunch supporter of affirmative action; as a black man, I know how racial discrimination still holds some black people back, and that affirmative action is necessary to help hardworking, qualified blacks benefit in our society and move up the economic ladder.

I’m also a staunch opponent of neoconservatism, a radical extremely hawkish view that basically says that the U.S. should military invade every country on Earth no matter how miniscule a threat it may or may not pose, and impose their way of life on them, that the U.S. has a job to be the world’s policeman and remake the world in America’s image. I also opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and I’m against the sale of public, federally-owned lands.

The Republicans mention it in passing once in their platform. Have they or Trump taken any legislative action in that direction?

Trump accused himself of sexually assaulting women. What do you think “grabbing them by the pussy” means?

So are you saying that you believe him when he now says he was lying?

Sean Spicer reiterated in his press conference today that Trump still supports the legislation.

And the Republicans are a little busy, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, working on a repeal and replace for the failing Obamacare goliath (although the current repeal is terrible, and it thankfully is up for review).

Have any thoughts of your own, plagiarist?

Mr. Trump was a businessman and a playboy, he exaggerates a lot, as he pointed out in his book “The Art of The Deal”.

In other words, a womanizer and a pathological liar.

And yet you take him at his word.

Yeah, I do.

Look, Mr. Trump was not running for pope.

So… no, then.

Never said he was.
You said you take hm at his word and that he exaggerates.

See the contradiction?

It won’t matter as long as ckalli’s gut tells him to bellyfeel the truthiness.

Coouldn’t have put it better myself:D.

Also, let me repeat a point I made earlier:
Look at Bill Clinton. The man was a serial philanderer, with the most notorious case being Monica Lewinsky.

Yet, liberal Democratic voters were able to forgive his shortcomings because they felt he pulled through on the economy; the most notable display of this was the 1998 midterm elections. As you know, the President’s party usually loses seats in midterm elections, but the Republicans, instead of offering a clear alternative agenda to the American people, instead decided to make the election about Clinton, incessantly hounding him for his immorality in having an affair, going on and on about his moral character, in some cases hypocritically I will admit (Newt Gingrich was cheating on his wife during the impeachment era in the 1998).

Clinton’s supporters didn’t like the heavy-handed moralizing by the Republicans, who then proceeded to actually gain zero net seats in the Senate and lose net seats in the House—the first time since 1934 that the non-presidential party failed to gain congressional seats in a mid-term election. It was a backlash against voters by what they saw as gratuitous, disingenuous moralizing on the part of Clinton’s opponents.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Clinton’s supporters in the 1998 midterm approved of all of his personal, suboptimal conduct, or that they approved of a national figure cheating on his wife and then lying to the public about it. They just thought his positives outweighed his negatives.

It was the same for me when I voted for Trump, although I was saddened by his inappropriate and sexually aggressive comments on the tape, I realized they were over a decade old, and he quickly apologized for it, and that they were bigger issues facing this country then a 10-year-old tape between Hollywood playboys.

That doesn’t mean I support sexual assault. Don’t try to make it seem like I do.

Why do you believe Bill Clinton’s accusers and not Trump’s?

my gut