The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

And his supporters are still in massive denial about the damage their candidate has already inflicted…and he’s not even President yet. :smack:

Dear Mr. Obama: You Are Still the President
My bold.

I doubt in 12 months that you will find one sorry Son Of A Bitch who will admit that they voted for this Sack-O-Shit.

Get a blog.

I should, shouldn’t I? Maybe, if my sanity holds.

Actually, I kinda like the crowd here, even the people I disagree with. I think the intelligence/literacy level at the SDMB is a cut above the general blog-reading public. There are some very smart, well-read, incredibly knowledgeable people here. I’m constantly amazed at the level of analysis and the fact that someone can post a question on practically any arcane, far-out, technical subject, and someone will pipe up with, “Oh, yeah, that’s what I do for a living and I wrote a book on it” or something. But I digress.

Seriously. I’m about ready to petition the mods for a ThelmaLou Rule.

If you really believe that, then maybe stop insulting everyone’s intelligence with a constant barrage of content-free bitching about Donald Trump.

This thread added precisely nothing to the dozen others you’ve started over the last month, and didn’t tell me anything that i haven’t already seen in my Facebook feed.

I’m pretty sure that i’m as upset about Trump’s election as you are, and when there are substantive issues to be discussed i’m happy to talk about them. I’m also not above simple derision and scorn when it comes to the Cheeto-in-Chief; he deserves every bit of it. But surely there are enough already-open threads where you can vent, without adding yet another one to the front page of the Pit?

I don’t see what you expect Obama to do. I feel he’s already doing the right thing; recognizing Donald Trump is going to be President in a few weeks and doing all he can to help Trump get ready for the job. Attacking and undermining the next President is not the right thing for the current President to do.

thank you!!!

Personally, I find ThelmaLou’s sourcing of important news items and her often cogent commentary to be a valuable addition to the board’s political discussions in the aftermath of an extraordinary election that will have extraordinary consequences. Certainly far more valuable than anything I’ve seen from you, whose contribution of interesting or informative posts I currently number at zero.

Yeah, I gotta say I don’t mind the ThelmaLou threads. I don’t click on all of them, and post in even less, but I enjoy popping in and seeing the latest that she’s dug up on the Circus Peanut-elect, and the discussion that follows.

I used to think the Trump *campaign *would be studied and dissected in poli sci courses for generations to come. Now, it’s gonna be his whole administration that will be studied like an alien fungus that’s infected humanity. I just wish I didn’t have to witness this abomination first-hand. More to the point, I wish my kids didn’t.

Thanks for those comments, especially the people who think I’m helping to fight ignorance… and the others, too. For the latter group, when you see that I’ve posted a new thread, I humbly suggest you not read it. Or go ahead and read it and contribute to the discussion by telling me I’m not contributing anything. Both of those work.

I’ll try to cut back. A little.

Still on the Reeder Expressway, huh?

I also enjoy the ThemlaLou political threads.

I am starting to look forward to a Trump presidency. I don’t support him, and I think he is incompetent, but I realize some things are going to go really bad and I’m eager to find out how they go bad.

My fear is that after a year or so and Trump has not only not made anything better, but made things worse, his narcissism refuses to let him accept responsibility. So he looks for a scapegoat and his voters are eager to blame someone/anyone else for why Trump can’t make america great again.

Not to sound melodramatic (it won’t be that bad here obviously) but in China after Mao totally fucked everything up in the 60s, and he was put out to pasture he got enraged and started the cultural revolution. I could see Trump and his followers trying something similar. Going on an angry rampage against academics, intellectuals, the media, liberals, minorities, republicans who do not fall in line, etc. because they will blame them for blocking progress on ‘making america great again’. When I say an angry rampage I’m sure there will be violence here and there but nothing that’ll shatter the fabric of society. Probably random shootings by right wing extremists combined with some government surveillance and oppression.

I guess that is a major fear I have of a Trump presidency. He will encourage both legal repression and extra judicial violence against scapegoats when he is forced to confront that there are no easy answers to our problems.

Wall Street doesn’t agree with Thelma Lou.

Would that be the same Wall Street that thought you could do no better in the late 1920s than to put all your money in the stock market? Or would it be the one that thought the same thing all over again in the early months of 1930?

Wall Street is an absolutely terrible predictor of actual future events. It’s like a manic-depressive, buying everything in sight in a bout of euphoria whenever anyone with an “R” after his name gets elected, then pooping their diapees in panic when that same “R” says mean things to the leader of a belligerent power or is found having carnal relations with a goat. “Wall Street” is nothing more than the collective expectations and limited knowledge of its constituent members, many of whom voted for the idiot who is the subject of this thread.

Didn’t don the con shake the markets yesterday by tweeting about boeing?

Maybe I missed your meaning?

Quantity can dilute quality. I’m all for free speech and posting what you wish. But every tiny thing being the end of the world or Hitler or racist or cheetoesque or whatever and impact is diminished to 0.

DJI on Nov 8 = 18,332
DJI on Dec 6 = 19,251.

If you’re going by “the market”.

It was “only” 1%.

The asshole-in-chief didn’t even have his facts right. And yet, people I work with voted for the circus peanut, and don’t seem to mind that he’s costing them money directly in their stocks. There are those who believe he did it deliberately, just to fuck with Boeing over some petty slight.

Boeing got shook. The market is doing fine - even possibly better than fine. Which is to say that investors expect the Trump Presidency to be good for corporations - in the short term because as much as Warren Buffet says “invest for the long term” there are still a hell of a lot of people who think short term when it comes to stocks.

That doesn’t mean that the market thinks a Trump presidency will increase geo-political stability, improve race relations, help working class Americans - the market has no opinion on that - just that corporations will be profitable and the rich will get richer.