Trump Pit Thread

I went back 2 weeks and could only find a Trump versus Shittary thread.

How the hell did we end up with Trump as the likely Republican candidate?

  1. He is orange. I’m sure that naturally orange people are very nice, but he is spray tan, neon orange. He looks like he should be peeled and eaten.

  2. He’s a bully. A blow hard, idiotic maniac of a bully. A few examples:

  • He called the protester who ran towards the stage a member of ISIS, which has easily been debunked. ISIS protester. He did say he could have taken care of the guy himself, but it was nice of the Secret Service to help out.

-He wants to pay the legal fees of the person who was arrested for sucker-punching a protester at another event. That protester was already being escorted out. Trump babbling on

-Of course, there has been no violence at any of his events (bwahahahaha) and Trump warns Sanders that Trump’s protesters will be better (worse?) than Bernie’s More blah, blah, blah

Look, the point is that Trump is a buffoon. A thug. A caricature of an American businessman that was created a decade ago to satisfy reality TV addicts.

If he ends up the candidate, Republicans everywhere should be writing in ANYONE reasonable, if they can’t vote Hillary. The notion that this moronic twit could be president is, at best, embarrassing, and, at worst, horrifying.

If he ends up the candidate, it’s because Republicans everywhere voted for him.

Or stayed home. But I take your point.

You racist, hating on orange folk like that. Just because someone wasn’t born orange doesn’t mean they can’t self-identify as an orange individual and take measures to correct their appearance in order to reflect who they feel they are on the inside.

Also, Trump Steaks are the World’s Greatest Steaks. You just can’t argue with that. Why do you hate America?

Oompa-Americans, if you don’t mind.

  1. A significant portion of our population seems to revere and reward oafishness. Mr. Trump will make a great Oaf-in-Chief.

  2. Mr. Trump is a frickin’ mad genius at the whole ‘political theater’ thing. At this point, I suspect a lot of people are voting for him in the primaries just so they can see what outrageous thing he’ll say or do next.

As a Democratic supporter, Trump is a godsend.

You say that, but my very real fear is that Trump might win the nomination and then some new Clinton scandal might break in October / November. Bam, President Trump.

BTW, this is my pic for Trumps VP. Trump / Camacho 2016. He’s got what voters crave!

As a non-US citizen, living far from the USA, the man seems to have way, way too much support to be anyone’s godsend.

Sure, the Democrats will probably win, and largely because of him.

But later, the level of partisanship will be so elevated, it seems that no party will ever be able to actually govern. Rabid and vociferous opposition to any political suggestion by either side seems inevitable, to the detriment of democracy.

Are we allowed to use “Oompa-Trump” or “Oompa in Chief” outside of the Pit? I’m guessing not…

I share your fear. Why didn’t you go full Tyson, if I may ask?

Pitting Trump is just too easy. And there is no real Trump supporters on this board so its just preaching to the converted.

They aren’t so much votes as they are ratings. “Mr. Trump, your overnights are through the roof! Twice as many viewers as ‘Cruzin for a Bruisin’’ and ‘Marco Loves Chachi!’ You’re a bonafide hit!”

Why? Trump is so distasteful to even rank-and-file Republicans that many of them will cross the aisle to vote against him. He’ll unify the country (against him)!

I got it! Trump should pick Palin! They just go together, don’t ya think?

The problem with that is FOX has spent 20 years painting the democrats as evil baby eating monsters. Many republicans wouldn’t vote for Clinton because of this, especially if the supreme court position is still vacant in November.

They’ll stay home instead, which hopefully will lead to a Clinton victory if no more scandals erupt.

Here’s an interesting piece from The New York Times about why he’s running. In short, he wants to be taken seriously. And they blame President Obama, in part, for him running. They describe the president’s monologue at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, in which Trump was the butt of the president’s jokes.

So if and when Trump is elected (perhaps with Bernie Sanders as his running mate), we’ll know who to blame.

Not just the level of partisanship, but the public acceptance of racism, bigotry, and violence. He is making the country worse just by being a viable candidate for the nomination for one of our major political parties.

Yes, some of it is funny, in that “Lordy, that’s fucked up!” way. Yes, as a liberal, I’m happy to see the Republican party damaged, in the hopes that it will reform itself.

But you know, I’m safe. I’m white. Trump isn’t attacking me. He isn’t putting a target on my back. I could afford to find some of it funny. But it’s not funny that he’s inciting violence. It’s not funny that he’s attacking and insulting minorities. It’s not funny that he’s emboldening the white supremacists and the Stormfronters and the half of freepers that enjoy him. It’s not funny that he is hurting real people with his rhetoric of hate.

Yes, his rise probably helps the Democratic party, but it does not help the country, or the world. That’s more important than my party of choice. That’s more important than winning an election, even if the election is pretty important. Being civilized, humane, welcoming, open, and ethical as a people and as a country is more important.

The guy has outright stated he won’t hesitate to:

Order war crimes (going after famlies, yeah he back off of it, but he did say it!)

Close mosques (unconstitutional, straight up!)

He wants to be able to sue the press ( effectively so he can silence truth he doesn’t like, so much for free press!)

Now he wants anyone who protests at his rallies arrested. (Again entirely unconstitutional!)

He’s not going to illegally torture anyone but he wants definitions broadened so he CAN order torture!

All of his brought to you by the party that claims to worship the Constitution!

Because why? They believe these things will, ‘Make America great again!’.


I’m brown and Muslim-looking enough to be a target of people too ignorant to figure out if they’re attacking the right minority. But I support Trump because he is forcing the GOP to examine the level of subtle racism that they have cultivated in their constituency.