What's with the extreme reactions in Donald Trump?

He has been labeled racist, sexist. People ridiculing his ideas. And all the fear mongering (the next Hitler etc). I am quite sure that it will backfire on those who use these tactics.

I am not American(never been there actually) and from whatever I have seen on the internet, he seems quite intelligent and bright leader who can bring equality and peace in the world.

You’re not fooling anybody, Mr Trump.

I’m with Little Nemo.

I do think that some reactions to Donald Trump are over the top. He is an amoral scumbag unfit to be President, but some of the cures people have suggested are far worse than the disease.

Well, you are welcome to him, then.

Who is saying “he’s the next Hitler?” He’s not, although there is simply no question that’s he closest to being a fascist of any of the current crop of Presidential candidates.

Can you link us any videos you found that gave you that impression?

He is talking about fixing the trade deficit with China($500 bn annually) and Mexico($58bn) through import duties and through increasing American exports (using large imports as levers to increase exports).

That will fix imbalances in world economy, prevent loss of jobs, create new jobs.

(I have video link but is it necessary to share as he talks abt it in many of his videos?)

Also, the US has blood of 300k Syrians on its hands by supporting (financing and arming) opposition to Assad. Many believe that weapons also ended up with ISIS. Many believe USA hasn’t been hard enough on ‘allies’ who have been supporting ISIS indirectly.

Trump will better than Obama without a doubt for world peace.

You’re not gonna win a lot of people over with that. Many believe is a weak-ass attempt at an argument.

Trump is a dipshit. Aside from the fact that he’s a mental lightweight, he’s a prick. Stupid assholes don’t need nuclear launch codes.

Trump will be as bad or worse than George W. Bush when it comes to world peace.

Those are actually facts. Anyways.

The more the people use such language or the stuff mentioned in OP, the stronger Trump will get.

You know that Assad started the war by killing unarmed civilian demonstrators?

Who is America to arm rebels? Just listen to Assad on YouTube. He seems more rational than most US president, vastly more than Obama. He and Alawites, Christians and other minorities are fighting a war for survival against the terrorists.

No, they are just shit you’re saying. Many believe there is a difference. :smiley:

Oh did my language offend? I apologize.

Trump is a person who has less capacity than the average to process and evaluate the observed reality he lives in. Aside from the fact that he has this limitation, he’s also got some strong anti-social tendencies, and is abrasive in social settings. People of that nature shouldn’t, in my earnest opinion, possess nuclear launch codes.

Also, Trump isn’t a vampire that feeds on profanity. He’s a rich brat who is the avatar for Dunning-Kruger.

Lol, no. I am just saying how it works. Criticise him on specific issues, do not use those adjectives to describe him. Else the support will only get stronger.

Do you believe it is better for world peace for the US to kill the family of ISIL members? Because Trump does. If you join ISIL, Trump says he will bomb your mother and father.

I didn’t say anything about America.

Again, do you know how the war started?

I was going to respond to truthseeker2 but there really isn’t any point, he apparantly found some Trump flovered cool aid. Lobohan responce covers things nicely.

Lemme take a crack at this…and add a few personal comments afterwards.

The Hitler parallel is accurate, though obviously not to the same degree, so far as we know at this point. Hitler’s National Socialist Party came to power because of vast discontent among the general German populace, which was in a far worse situation than we are today. The allied victors of WWI put Germany under a draconian thumb that heavily impacted its economy (with the exception of the US, who disagreed with this course of action but, being Johnny-come-lately, had no real power in determining the parameters of the post-WWI peace). The response of the Germans was to grasp for anyone who promised a return to national pride and economic health, which is exactly what Hitler did in order to get elected.

Trump is saying the same thing, though it’s generally what every challenger says about every incumbent they face: “Things are bad now, but I will make them better.” But the parallel goes beyond that. No matter how much he tries to disavow or dance around some of his statements of policy, Trump is both racist and sexist and a deluded megalomaniac, like Hitler was. And part of the Republican party is eating it up, because they think that anything would be better than a hated Democrat controlling the White House for four more years.

Unfortunately, this is essentially the same faction of the party that elected Dubyah twice, and we all know how well that worked out.

Fortunately, Trump is proving himself such an idiot and alienating so many moderates and undecideds that, while he may win the nomination, he has absolutely no chance of winning in the general election. Mark my words: people will come to the polls just to vote against him.

Because (and I am certain this has been said many times before) Trump would be a grave danger to the world were he to be elected to the most powerful position on Earth. Only the most deluded among Americans would trust him with the nuclear football, and it seems the overwhelming majority of those are Republicans, who are allowing their party to be made a caricature of itself.

The question here is: Can The Powers That Be get the Republican base to hate Trump more than they hate Clinton in this short amount of time? They have years of their own indoctrination concerning her working against them at this point, and Trump’s success (unfortunately) is one of the major byproducts of that indoctrination.