Mr Trump's retaliations

Mr Trump seems to have a pattern of"retaliatory" behaviors that I find interesting. An example from this mornings news is still another statement regarding Maxine Water’s IQ,. (sorry, I don’t have a citation, it was on my MSN News app).

This seems to be a pattern, bein attacked for his IQ, then using the same thing against the speaker and others. There are other examples.

While this behavior seems a bit childish to me, I have not seen anyone comments on this.

Any thoughts?

In the grand scheme of things Trump’s little tantrums, petty nicknames and kneejerk spewing of nonsense are way down the list of things to be concerned about. With any other president they would be more than enough to have disqualified him from even getting near the Oval Office but these are abnormal times.

Or to put it another way: when you’re trying to put out the housefire, you tend not to focus too much on the graffiti the arsonists daubed on the walls before they set the place alight.

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He is a 70-something-year-old man with the insecurities of a teenager.

“I’m not dumb! You’re dumb! And fat! And no one likes you!”

I was just watching Joe Rogan video where he made the case that the Pocahontas stuff basically ruled out Elizabeth Warren as a real contender for the Presidency. A hard look at the question tells us that she believed that her native heritage was true and wrote it down on the basis that she trusted what her family had told her, back in the 70s, or event this was, and she was a teenager.

Rogan, as best I can tell from a few YouTube videos, is a reasonable, centrist sort of dude. He is probably relatively representative of your average quasi-informed swing voter. He’s not going to look into things deeply, he’s just going to check if the accusation is true and not look any further.

And it’s fair to say that, the way people look at the world, it’s just as much how you handle people as what you say. Warren hasn’t handled the issue well. She didn’t get tested or ignore Trump or say, yes I’m retrospect that was probably stupid, instead she’s handled him poorly. And Trump is not the only asshole in the world, so if we’re asking whether she can deal with a whole world of assholes, then the answer is no.

Childish or not, if no one can show Trump as the idiot that he is, they’re liable to lose to him. Treating him like a real person is an instant loser. It’s how the media gave him billions of dollars of free advertising.

The people like a winner. Watch sports, it’s all dude’s who do drugs, cheat on their wives, and get into trouble. But, if they win, they’re heroes. So long as Trump wins, it doesn’t matter what tactics he uses. You need to be able to get on top and pound him down. Only if you can do that will you win in the minds of 50% of the country.

“you’re the puppet!”

I think you’re missing the point. This IS Trump’s grand scheme of things. Trump has a personality disorder. These are not petty tantrums - this is how he works and thinks, 24/7. Every decision he has ever made, has been made in this mode.

“No, you’re fake news!”

Failing upwards.

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I disagree. More a second grader. I know you are but what am I?

But I noticed the behavior in the OP also. He covers being a liar by accusing everyone else of being a liar. He covers up his failed businesses by braying about the failing New York Times. And he tries to cover up Russian involvement by claiming Hillary did it first.

People with narcissistic personality disorders have very fragile egos, and any insult (especially public insults) must be met and retaliated against to defend the fragile false ego they depend on for safety.

If you assume Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder (either NPD or malignant narcissism), and dementia, his behavior makes much more sense.

Ah, yes. And the childish namecalling. My favorite: Mr. Magoo for Jeff Sessions.

I don’t know who made the quote about propaganda, but it is fitting

“accuse your enemy of what you are doing”

It works. The entire GOP this. They accuse the democrats of engaging in class warfare, or practicing identity politics, of committing treason, of being oversensitive snowflakes who need to hide from reality, of having dishonest propaganda instead of legit media, of choosing feelings over reality, of exploding the deficit, of having a cult of personality, of not respecting democracy or the constitution, etc. Because conservatives and republicans themselves do these things, so they accuse the democrats of doing them. So now if the democrats say ‘you do it too’ then low information voters just discount both sides.

I’m not sure what the democrats could accuse the GOP of that would be good projection. Maybe being disorganized and too nice.

When the neo-nazi Harold Covington died last month there was a quote from his brother Ben that captured Trump’s behavior in my mind.

“the bottom line here is that my brother is a coward. He has always been a coward and he will die a coward.”

Trump is a coward, he lives a life of fear and acts cowardly towards every aspect of his life. He fears women, he fears his own inadequacy and he fears children from Latin America.

Unfortunately cowardliness is often expressed through bullying.

But he is not a strong human; he acts purely out of cowardliness and fear. He is lashing out like a wounded animal because he isn’t strong enough to respond in any other way.

He doesn’t fear them really, but he needs them to use. He needs inferiors who in his view are not qualified to lick his boots, to (in his own warped view) demonstrate his superiority to the world. He will use whoever he can use. If he’s unable to use someone, that person is gone. The people he has fired or removed while in office have simply been the ones who called him out on it - OR, don’t forget, are just better at his game than he is and were (behind the scenes) wiping the floor with him.

I propose that every presidential candidate must, before primary season even starts, check into a psychiatric hospital for a week, getting a full evaluation with the results made public, and certain diagnoses making one permanently ineligible for any public office.

We all know that Donald is several tacos short of a combo plate. I tend to agree with the narcissistic school of thought, but leave myself open to the possibility that he is a paranoid schizophrenic psychopath.

The Republicans would never submit one of their own to such a cringe-worthy test. This violates a plethora of Constitutional freedoms, not to mention the teachings in the Bible.

However, if the Democrats had a shot, Republicans would pass a law tomorrow, with Trump, on Twitter, praising it as a “genius move.”

At minimum, politicians should be able to pass the tests (mental health, physical health, background checks, etc) necessary to become a military officer or FBI agent.

Trump would have failed all of those tests.

News Item: Queen Elizabeth II has to wait 15 minutes because Pres. Trump is late.
Pres. Trump: I had to wait 15 minutes on Queen Elizabeth.