How can Trumps narcissism be made to work against him?

Psychologists agree that Trump is a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder.

Here’s the Wiki with the official definition. Narcissists differ from other personality disorders in that they never seek treatment; and cured narcissist are even rarer.

So let’s debate what the weaknesses of Trump are. Weaknesses that a political opponent could exploit. The result should be to weaken his support with his fan base. Not to make him look bad with his opponents, because Trump does a fine job of that himself.

I’ve found this list, of traits of high-functioning narcissists, to be very clear and helpful.

So, if you were Hillary, how would you make use of Trumps tendency to shamelessly contradict himself? His thin skin? His irrational vindictiveness? His amorality?

For instance, she uses Trumps cruelty against that disabled reporter in her anti Trump commercials. Apparently those put off the public most.

What would you use and how? Have any techniques been useful against lower lever narcissists you met in your job or in your personal life?

I understand Michelle Obama is speaking at the Democratic convention.

I’d sure like to see her explain that Democrats – who will never, ever give up; and will never, ever let you down – know you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond, and you do what you say; that you treat people with respect; and that we want children, in this nation, to know the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.

Well one thing I and I’m sure many others have noticed about Trump is that during a debate or any other time engaging with him, if you throw in a joke or criticize him about anything related to him, he will go off on a tangent for quite a few minutes.

For instance if in a debate at the end merely throwing in a light-hearted joke about Trump Steaks at the end of an otherwise serious answer about National Policy he wouldn’t even focus on the question he would for several minutes probably defend how Trump Steaks are the best, most succulent, cut of meat ever made, ending with a 5 second non-answer to whatever the original policy question was, probably making him look pretty foolish on national television, and make people question what this guy’s priorities really are in his pursuit of the presidency.

Does this guy care about the Trump Brand or the welfare of the United States and its people? You know the things he should care about at least somewhat since he is seeking the most powerful position in the government. It’s like a sickness with him he can’t stomach any criticism, no matter how small or unrelated to the discussion at large, because it damages his ego, and he can’t just let it go.

The key is to show that Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

As with all narcissists, Trump may have ‘favorite people’—those most skilled at praising the narcissist and giving him the attention he craves–but those favorites will be discarded the moment they cease praising and giving attention. And of course if those favorites need something themselves, they are out of luck. He doesn’t actually care about them in any sense that an emotionally healthy person could recognize.

A huge proportion of Trump’s fans have embraced the lie that Trump cares about them. They believe that he will bestir himself on their behalf, to get them jobs and preserve their safety against Those People.

The truth is that he will not so bestir himself–because he doesn’t care one rat’s ass about the welfare of his voters, let alone about their hopes and dreams.

The question is, how to demonstrate this?

I gather from the opening post that you are looking for some ‘tips and tricks’ that have the potential to trip up narcissists. Of course that would be interesting and valuable information. But all I have (at the moment, anyway) is the conviction that what would work best, is testimonials from those Trump has made promises to, and then let down. Given that many people would find harping on his personal life to be distasteful, it might be smart to concentrate on those Trump has cheated financially: the contractors he’s stiffed, the Trump University students he’s defrauded, etc.

There’s no one commercial that could do it–it would need to be the accumulation of testimonials, one after another after another, that would showcase the narcissist’s lack of caring for anyone but himself. Pile up the stories–all verifiable, and all showing that Trump doesn’t care.

Trump’s narcissism as it relates to his Presidential run is most visible in the fact that he believes that he is qualified for such an office. He has seemingly no constitutional law knowledge, he displays little interest in having an awareness of how the legislative process works, or how the branches of government coexist. This does not stop him from believing that he is qualified. In a debate- a substantive debate- this narcissism should prove quite troublesome for him. Whether or not he ever faces such a debate is in the hands of Hillary Clinton and the debate moderators.

So his psycholigists have recently diagnosed him with a serious mental disorder youx say? And you want to exploit it? Seems a little low but I suppose you could simlly point out that he is medically unfit for office. Seems open and shut.

That’s exactly what I would do- yank that chain every chance I got, especially if I thought I had a good feeling of how he’d react and that it would make him look stupid, or if I could publicly catch him in a lie live on national TV.

In the real world, debates are not particularly substantive. So, how would you deal with him in an actual debate?

That’s a good question considering the lack of debate in political debates today. Per the OP’s question, however, his narcissism can be used against him if he had to actually answer questions in detail and defend his positions with an understanding of the ramifications of those positions.
To answer your question, Hell, hit him with some foreign policy questions. No slogans or talking points allowed as answers.

Run some videos in ads of the kind of foreign leaders who talk about things like “I and I alone” next to Trump.

I’m afraid that won’t work that well. Trumps rambling simplifying answers work with his poorly educated target group. To them, it sounds like he gives an answer they understand, that makes sense “I’m a succesfull business man and I will make China give back those jobs to America!”. And then, the debate moderator or Hillary starts being all hoity-toity with all them fancy words and being all unfair to the Donald.

Letting people speak that he conned, could work well, I think.

Trumps entitlement could also work against him with the blue collar voters. Seth Meyers showed a tweet by Trump the younger about a loyal gardener, who missed his sisters wedding so he could work for the Trump family. A few more of those would do him in.

But he’s the absolute best narcissist there is. No one [imagine the fingers of my right hand making an “OK” sign] is better at being narcissistic than DJ Trump.

I dont get this?

Also, the rape case could prove to be politically fatal. It brought down Ailes. Americans want to know all about a sex scandal, and they do not forgive sexual abuse of a young girl. He won’t be able to distract from that.

One aspect of his personality is an extremely thin skin. Just keep poking him - better yet, have your surrogates (Warren is very good at it) poke him, while you act like an adult.

in American culture, a man getting angry is not regarded as a bad thing, right? He was clearly angry at Megyn Kelly, but he held it together during the debate and only afterwards spilled his anger. Same with Cruz. I think Trump won’t let himself be provoked during the debate.

You would think it would be sensible to have a requirement for a mental health assessment by neutral third parties before giving someone the codes to a massive nuclear arsenal wouldn’t you? In fact I’d go further than that, make candidates show a list of meds they commonly take. Lots of legal anti-anxiety meds can effect judgement.

Seems pretty clear that Trump is unmedicated when he should be.

Get Liz Warren and Al Franken to coordinate a series of mockery-attacks. Trump will waste a whole lot of time and energy responding.

There is no medicinal cure or therapy for narcissism. Its a personality disorder. Its not even hereditary. The only way psychologist advise on how to cope with a narcissist, is to humor, flatter and avoid him.

Anyone here had a narcissistic boss? You avoided an flattered him, right, and you either hoped he would leave, or you waited for the day you could change your job?