How can Trumps narcissism be made to work against him?

I’m pretty confident Narcissm is not the only issue that Trump has, read the article by his ghost writer about how he can’t concentrate on one issue for more than a few minutes.

Same way the original was hurt by his: Reflecting pools. DEEP reflecting pools, with smooth, placid surfaces. And slippery edges.

And a subliminal command coming just underneath the Muzak: “kiss me, you fool…”

Same way the original was hurt by his: Reflecting pools. DEEP reflecting pools, with smooth, placid surfaces. And slippery edges.

And a subliminal command coming just underneath the Muzak: “kiss me, you fool…”

Troll the shit out of him and attack him constantly. Have two prongs – the “official” prong, led by Hillary, Kaine, Obama, Bill Clinton, etc., which hammers him constantly in a serious tone on policy and as temperamentally unfit for office.

Then the trolling prong, led by Harry Reid (who’s a master at this) and maybe Liz Warren, with constant insinuations and personal attacks (though not shots about hand/dick size like Rubio) – insinuating that he’s not nearly as rich as he says he is, that he’s a terrible businessman, that he’s a con man, that he never paid taxes (like Reid said about Romney), etc.

It has to be relentless – every week each prong has a new line of attack, along with selected leaks from the investigative army Hillary’s team will have been letting loose for the past few months. There will be shit in Trump’s past – I think it’s likely Hillary has a pile of bad business deals, assault allegations, fraudulent activity, etc., ready to drop periodically through the campaign.

Attack attack attack. Go negative as hell. Scorched earth and no mercy.

Trump is still going after Cruz about Cruz’s father and Oswald.

I wonder how much he can be goaded into continuing his fight with his former GOP opponents.

I love this idea. After a wonky answer on ISIS, Clinton could end with, “Look, I know I’m criticized for not having a certain charisma. I think you’ll find that, much like a Trump Steak, I may lack that sizzle, but I’m tough as nails.”

Trump will spend his whole answer defending Trump steaks, ignoring the question of ISIS.

After the next question on budget issues, Clinton can finish with, “My opponent’s plan has more structural problems than one of the towers he’s built.”

Then: “My opponent says he’ll fix immigration, but let’s be honest: his plan is weaker than the drinks in one of his casinos.”

Then, after explaining how she’ll improve education in the country: “Trump’s education plan is full of holes, and just like the ones on his golf course, these holes will be no fun to fill.”

She could prevent him from ever touching on a single policy issue!

Yes, but it has to be surrogates, and maybe Kaine, who do it. Not a problem, there are plenty of Dem pols who already love it. But meanwhile, Clinton herself has to continue to appear presidential - there also has to be a Policy Theme of the Week in which she can demonstrate her mastery and depth etc. on the subject area - environment, education, civil rights, foreign policy, etc. As long as Trump is juvenilely retorting to the constant poking and spewing simple slogans, there will be no way for him to gain support among the convinceables.

This, in spades.

Trump is absolutely the grand master of both “Every problem has a solution that is simple, obvious and wrong.” and “Trust me.” Combined, all he has to do is hand-wave off any hurdle for a solution and give his word that he’s going to fix it by Day 2. End of “debate” and as you point out, his followers add it to the feathers in his mighty cap.

I mean, he’s going to fix all the farming problems in California by just opening the spigot. By Day 2. Trust him.

Which psychologists agree with this? This is a very sweeping statement to make without citation.

This is actually the way to go forward with this. Trump isn’t fazed by substantive arguments or evidence that he lacks even basic experience or knowledge for the position of president, which he refutes with a combination of self-aggrandizing bombast, pointless misdirection, and personal invective, but he absolutely cannot stand to be made fun or or satirized, especially when the mockers comes close to home, which is kind of a ridiculous personality trait for someone who is basically a walking talking buffoon of cartoonish proportions. Just keep mocking him until he has an apoplectic stroke.


Well, for starters three psychologists from here:

And before you say “Well, they are not his therapists, so they diagnose over the net, lame !”. Narcissists hardly ever go to a therapist unless they are forced to. So it is one of the few personality disorders that is usually diagnosed by a psychologist that is not treating the narcissist.

I think this would be effective if the attacks came the days preceeding a big debate when Trump should be studying and practicing for the debate. You just know he couldn’t resist getting into a twitter war with somebody. The guy is easily distracted. His people could beg and plead with him to remain focused on debate prep and he’d blow them off just to defend himself in an insult spar.

"Psychologists agree that Trump is a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder. " It doesn’t say Trump’s psychologists , if that was Trump’s
psychologists saying this there would a huge lawsuit !

There are several different types of narcissism and of all of them there are levels of it.

Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama are both narcissists, about a 7 out of 10 for each. Trump is about an 8. For now. He’ll get worse.

You guys haven’t see anything. I’ve opened/posted in threads about this before. My Father-in-law is a full blown narcissists and exhibits every symptom to the Nth degree! I’m not kidding, you wouldn’t fucking believe him. If you want to know what he’s like, just read the Old Testament and replace the word “God” with “Giuseppe”. I am not kidding. He makes Trump look like someone with low self esteem.

True achievement makes them even worse than they already are. It’s awful. Trump has actually failed in a lot of things. You think he is a terrible narcissist now, just watch if he gets elected. You won’t freaking believe it. It’ll be beyond what you now think you imagine.

You have to avoid them. You’ll drive yourself fucking crazy trying to deal with them. You think you’ll do things to bug them, but they have no soul. They have no ethics, no morals. You cannot make them feel remorse, stupid, or inferior. You cannot make them feel, at all.

I completely disagree. Clinton isn’t going to out-trump Trump. If it becomes a contest between who can throw the best insults at their opponent, Trump’s going to win.

Clinton has to act Presidential and goad Trump into acting like himself. Her strategy has to essentially concede that she isn’t as entertaining as Trump - but remind Americans that the President of the United States is not the same job as being a television star. She has to be the substance to Trump’s surface - and remind voters which is more important.

But make sure to give most of your money to the government, and be sure to respect all the obstacles we put in your way to prevent you from achieving your dreams, starting with making your lemonade stand and/or paper route illegal.

As for the actual subject at hand, Trump and Clinton already have most of their negatives built into their numbers. I know we like to say, “Tell us why we should vote FOR you rather than against your opponent!”, but in this election it’s actually so true. We already know what sucks about these candidates. What we don’t know is what is good about them. Throwing negative ads at each other is pointless at this point, it’s just kicking up dust.

The negative attacks should be to get under Trump’s skin more than to sway voters, IMO.


That’s a THING?

That doesn’t really do anything either. Clinton’s doing everything we already tried. Only spending a lot more money doing it.

Clinton’s barely done anything. The general election campaign is just starting.

Well Trump seems to be especially sensitive about his actual net worth, which is almost certainly much less than he claims. I’d love to see the dems dig into this as much as possible then get elizabeth warren to be the one that tweets him the evidence, and run it in some internet video attack ads.

Trump will go ballistic.

Also, does anyone know if Warren has attacked him yet about all his clothes and even his MAGA hats being made in China?