Hi! Remember when my sander broke and you guys gave me great advice?

Well, I’m back and am now requesting opinions. I have decided to make my Harry Potter loving daughter-in-law a wand for Christmas. I got this idea trimming the willow tree that overhangs my shed. I got a few nice sized branches and a bunch of twigs. I have been experimenting on the twigs. Now I need for people to tell me which design features they like best or would want on their very own magic wand.

Here are pictures of the practice twigs. The carved spiral is definitely going to be on the wand because that’s my favorite part.

Can’t explain the ones I’m for but I just naturally hate paint on anything worthwhile made from wood. I like grain to stand out so I would consider a chromic acid strain/treatment.

Had to look up chromic acid. That doesn’t seem like it is something I’d like to work with being all dangerous and stuff. Besides the heads, all but the small snapped one is stained with homemade stuff: curry, onions, tea and iron acetate. I like curry and coffee the best. They leave a nice color behind without having to put it on a million times. I don’t like the acetate. Turns the poplar an ugly greyish black.

If you could throw in a small LED within the chaotic break with a switch on the handle, simulating the gathering eldritch power about to be released,well that would rock!

Can I vote for the doggy?

Those are kitty paws.

LED switch may be a bit beyond my skill level but I was thinking of putting in some glitter in the break.