I’ve read numerous articles about hiccups over the years, but none have ever mentioned a cure I learned many years ago, in my professional capacity as a bartender. I have, as can be expected, seen many cases of hiccups in my career, and since I learned this cure, I’ve only seen it fail once. In the interest of science and the improvement of the human condition, I’m sharing this cure with a wider audience. Perhaps some medical researcher will find a way to test it, now that the secret will be revealed. There are three ingredients to this cure: Angostura bitters, sugar and lime. In a shot glass, mix 1/2 oz. of bitters with a teaspoon of sugar. Have the patient drink this mixture quickly and then bite down on a large slice of lime. Works every time (almost). Any researchers with a hypothesis as to why?

Hey, It seems I remember from my old high school Biology class that hiccups were a nervous reaction caused by the tiny fibers or Celia in your throat becoming tangled or out of sync. Who knows? Sounds as good as any I’ve heard. Later, Bob

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Since becoming a father I think I have figured out the whole hiccup thing (Although it’s a bit speculative).
(1) Kids hiccup alot more often than adults
(2) Babies hiccup even more than little kids
(3) Babies even hiccup (frequently) in utero
What I think all this means is that hiccuping is a means to strengthen (exercise) the diaphragm muscle prior to birth. Or possibly to help the developing lungs expand (yeah, i know they’re fluid-filled in utero, but still they are growing and expanding).

So why does a propensity to hiccup continue even into adult life? I dunno, but is you ask my wife she’ll describe a case report of a certain individual with multiple infantile behaviors that have persisted into adulthood. :slight_smile:

Well…sometimes I get the menstrual cramps real hard–Raising Arizona

Cecil has explained something relative to
my life: Hiccups can be caused by tuberculous. Ever since I had the disease,
I get the loudest hiccups imaginable. I
have drowned out rock bands, musicals,
and just annoyed the general public. People
cannot believe my hiccupping decibles.

[[(3) Babies even hiccup (frequently) in utero]]

That’s a really strange feeling for the pregnant woman. I could tell when my baby reversed position, because her hiccups came from another place.

There’s a much simpler way to cure hiccups than drinking that concoction. I had the hiccups with a friend of mine when they told me that they would give me $10 for evey legitamate hiccup I had. Suddenly I couldn’t hiccup to save the life of me. The key is that, in hearing this exciting news, my body released a bit of adrenalin which was enough to stop the hiccups. This is the same reason why scaring someone usually does the trick. And the best part is, you can do this to yourself. Next time you have hiccups, just think of something that excites you or gives you a little rush.