Hidden Valley Ranch has a new ad campaign

wherein they refer to themselves as HVR

yesterday this commercial came immediately after a commercial for the HPV vaccine


Implying it could be used as a barrier method of protection? :rolleyes:

perhaps a cautionary tale about exploring hidden valleys without protection

“Do you or a loved one have HVR? Ask your doctor about Ranchilla. Side effects may include headaches, loose stool, stool pigeon, bird brain, and partial or complete regurgitation of one or more lungs.”

It’s stuff like this that keeps me hanging around this crazy joint. :slight_smile:

The best of both worlds is HPVR - you get to re-play your infection any time you want, and it comes with a nice salad. :smiley:

At this point in this thread, I’m regurgitating my lunch…& I haven’t even eaten yet!


As long as it isn’t hollandaise…

It’s great on yeast rolls.

I would rather have an HPVCR. There’s nothing like outdated technology to soften the blow of having a venereal disease and being forced to eat Ranch dressing…