High Altitude farting

“Do you toot more at high altitude?”, 12-Apr-1996

In this column, Cecil says that lower external air pressure may result in your inards seeking equilibrium in the form of farting.

I wonder if skydivers who claim to fart 'round 6k-8k feet, if they start taking in air via their asses during their return to sea level.

No. Here’s the difference. When you are gaining altitude, the gas is already inside the “balloon” of your intestine. When the internal pressure becomes too great, you fart to relieve it. However, as you go back to sea level, your intestine does not see a reverse pressure differential. Rather, your belly just squeezes a little tighter, collapsing any unfilled space. Your normal bodily processes will either fill it with more gas or pass the wastes.

ah, you’re right. thanks.