High Blood Pressure

At 44 I have been declared hypertensive. Having a heart attack was a good tip off. I don’t like the idea of being medicated from here on out. My question is; why wouldn’t donating a pint of blood every 6 weeks keep your blood pressure low?

I asked this before. Basically, why isn’t the cure for high blood pressure just to let some of it out? The answers made perfect sense but I can’t remember what they were. Must be my low brain pressure.

Donating blood would reduce the amount of blood you have in your body, the blood volumne, but you’d soon replace it in a matter of hours, especially if you were drinking adequate fluids. Your blood pressure is controlled by your adrenal glands sending hormonal signals to the smooth muscles in your blood vessels, the veins and arteries, which constrict, get smaller, and drive your pressure up, like runniing water through a hose, then narrowing the hose—the water squirts out more under the increased pressure. Stay on your medication…hypertension doesn’t just get better and go away and even if you feel better, it could be still high. It’s not called ‘silent killer’ for nothing.

In many cases of hypertension, the problem isn’t the volume of blood but that the heart isn’t pumping at full capacity. This is especially true after a heart attack. If you lowered the volume of blood, your blood pressure may actually need to go up in order to get enough oxygen to peripheral cells. Sometimes high blood pressure is caused by volume overload, in which case your plan might work. Similar treatments are used for polycythemia.