High John the Conqueror

Can anyone - presumably you British Dopers - tell me more about Jim Younger’s High John the Conqueror?

The review on Amazon.uk is intriguing, but not very edifying.*

*Also, it’s proof that you shouldn’t try writing like this unless you can spell all the big words you use.

This review seems informative: http://books.guardian.co.uk/reviews/generalfiction/0,,1815414,00.html

As does this one: http://www.authortrek.com/high_john_the_conqueror_page.html

And this: The Times & The Sunday Times: breaking news & today's latest headlines

And this: http://enjoyment.independent.co.uk/books/reviews/article1090274.ece

Thank you, but I take it you haven’t read the book yourself.

I was wondering if it’s too completely British for an American to appreciate.