"High-resolution images are some of the clearest close-ups of Pluto seen in decades"

This was the ticker on CNN’s channel yesterday. Am I forgetting the Pluto missions of the 1920’s that were sadly terminated when the stock market crashed? Or perhaps the early close-ups taken by the Montgolfier brothers with their balloon?

simply another sad commentary on the quality of reporting and science reporting in the US.
If I want to know what is happening in the US, the BBC is far more current and well-written than any US news source. I know we did this to ourselves, but the destruction of the the US news business is having far more consequences than anyone imagined.


I wonder if news outlets’ editors are incompetent, or simply don’t care anymore. The increasing number of articles with poor grammar, poor spelling, poor punctuation, typos, misattributions, and bad writing is frightening.

The NASA press release referred to the images as the “best close-ups that humans may see for decades.” Someone at CNN must have misread it.

In their defense, retyping someone’s press release is pretty hard. Especially if you are chewing gum or something at the same time.

Just glad it didn’t read, “Pluto nudes released; Disney contacted for comment.”

Since that’s my expectation for major news outlets anymore, anything above that is a win.


Imagine if the headline was about the seventh rock from the sun instead.

“High-resolution images are some of the clearest close-ups of Uranus seen in decades”


As exciting as these pictures are, I find a good bit of built in frustration regarding them.

There is all kinda of interesting stuff going on. And whenever you have that, you almost always have the associated “if we had better/more pictures/data we could REALLY “see” what is going on” factor.

But that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. IMO at best if you are a young adult today you might, note I said might, see a better probe to Pluto before you die.

It’s like the biggest science/NASA tease yet.