High RPMs on a 2005 Saturn Ion Automatic

While driving on the freeway I noticed my RPMs were high. Usually the gauge will read ~2.5 while cruising at 65 mph, but this time it read 3.5 while doing the same speed. The only time they decreased was if I took my foot off the gas. Any acceleration brought it up to 3.5 where it stayed. Once I got into the city the car was slow to take off from a red light and once it did you could feel the shift.


No lockup by the transmission at highway cruise. Last expensive sounds like low transmission fluid, especially the slow pickup and then jolt in traffic.

Gary or Rick should be along shortly. Please supply miles on vehicle - they’ll ask.

I don’t know the particulars of the 4T45E, but it could be either a failure to lock the torque converter, or if it has a “limp home” mode it’s stuck in that and only letting you use 2nd or 3rd gear.

Is there any sort of power mode switch or button near the selector ?
These are called “Power”, “Overdrive” , “economy” (same thing ) ,or “snow” (different job.)
I think you have one … it could be defective of course, but its rarely used.
Could have been bumped and jammed on.

There’s no power switch. The RPMs read the same when it was in D and I.

Miles: 118000