High school and music - deja vu all over again

Listening to the new radio station in town, the Eagle - BTW, doesn’t every single city in America have an “Eagle” on the dial? They play stuff from the 70s and 80s.
Today, in the car, multi-tasking as usual, I heard China Grove. For all you youngsters, the band was the Doobie Brothers, and they were HUGE in Santa Cruz during my high school days. Big time deja vu moment, remembering a ride to a party out in someone’s empty field, listening to that song on the car radio. Yeah, there were empty fields in Santa Cruz Co. back then (adjusting my grey wig and hearing aides). This particular party was past Soquel High School, up Old San Jose Rd. (hey hey, JillGat, missing you and trying to remember if we went to the same parties back then). There was a keg! And cute boys from other high schools! A girl’s wet dream come to life.

A nice moment in an otherwise hectic and all-too-grown-up day.

I love that feeling. (I like that song too.)
My 20 year HS reunion is coming up this summer. Man, it seems like yesterday.

Nice anecdote, but "deja vu all over again " would imply that you had this particular deja vu twice.
Neo’s black cat walked past 3 times.

Lobsang, welcome to the world of Yogi Berra.

AH I did not know of yogi-isms. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

I love “China Grove”. It’s got a really great melody. Although I couldn’t understand the lyrics, until I looked at some online lyrics source. I’m also a fan of the Doobie Brothers in general. I’m also 14.

I guess the lesson you should learn from this post is, “don’t feel old- at least some youth like the music you listened to when you were young”

Two songs can take me back in a heartbeat.

I Gotta Do It My Way by Loverboy takes me back to the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, hanging out with friends, playing pool, and full of youth, life, and promise.

Take On Me by Aha takes me back to the year I spent studying in Japan when the future was laid out before me and anything was possible, especially travelling the world on expense account as a top translator, and burning up the dance clubs worldwide. “I’ll be gone/in a day!”