High School Football

Well, we had another football game last night, the 5th of our season so far. We’re doing really well this year, with a track record of 4 wins, 1 loss. This is the best my school has done in the 4 years I’ve been going there. Last night we won again, 24-21.

Some highlights from the game:
-A 59 yard field goal by our team in the first quarter
-An interception and 60-something yard touchdown by our team
-Only 1 injury!! (All previous games have had 4-5 injuries)

I was really impressed by the other band…they were huge!! Our band was performing that night with only about 30 people or so…they had 135. They had 22 trumpets against our 2 (Their colorguard captains were f***ing hotties!).

Anyways…this is pointless, but I’m bored. Carry on.

The High School football team got me kicked out school. My brother and I during this party one night beat up half the team. The principal told me to take the rest of the semester off, I guess he was worried for my life. Always got a kick out of staring down those fuckers.

A 59 yard field goal!?!

Shouldn’t that kid be in the pros?

:: sigh ::

You just reminded me of the days when my band had 80 some members and I was the colourguard captain.

Or when in highschool my friends and I would go to every single football game, rain or snow, and freeze our butts off.

…now all I get to do is watch people throw sh*t filled balloons at eachother, and tape themselves to a giant letter ‘E’.

Well, my school football team absolutely sucks. I don’t think we have won a single game this year.

Stuyguy, considering he’s only in high school…but I see your point.

There have been problems with his practicing, however…one time he kicked a 35 yard field goal during practice, which was apparently much too close, as it went over the fence and broke a resident’s window. So that wouldn’t happen again, they had him kick the other way, right towards the parking lot, and smashed up my friend’s windshield.

They now have him consistently practice 40-50 yard field goals.

I hail originally from West Texas, home of high school football passion like almost nowhere else. My former high school has won the 5A state championships the last two years, which in Texas can only be described as A Very Big Deal. Their star running back (now a senior) was the most recruited high school football player in the country this year (he signed with UT-Austin at the beginning of the semester).

Unfortunately, their ~25 game winning streak came to an end a couple weeks ago when they got trounced by a Louisiana team. But that won’t affect their official standings, so they’re still likely to go to at least a round or two of the playoffs this year. And they seemed back in form in the game they won 56-7 last night…

Ah, high school football . . . how I miss - er, loathe - er, feel neutral about thee.

Frosh year: 0-7
Soph year: 3-3-1
Junior year: 5-3
Senior year: 8-0

We didn’t HAVE a band (thankyouverymuch . . . school of 300 students, graduating class of 68). And the majority of the females were fairly unimpressive, IMNSHO. But of course I’m basing part of this analysis on the fact that a good number (or should that be bad number?) of them were spectacularly rude. Or snotty, which might as well be the same thing.

But there were some lovely people. However, College Is Better. I’ve yet to see an aspect of college be worse than high school. However, for that to happen I’d essentially have to actually kill myself.

Philbuck, given your West Texas football roots surely you are familiar with that book from about 5 - 7 years ago that chronicled the season of a WT HS football team. What was it called, “Friday Night… Something or Other???” It was given excellent, excellent reviews and sold quite well, IIRC.

Never read it myself, but I gave it to a pal who hails from the Lone Star State and who loves football. (Redundant?) I’m thinking of reading it myself, but I forget the title.

Unfortunately, next friday is an away game, and it is the one game the band won’t be going to (Fortunately I might be able to go to a dopefest though). The game after that is homecoming game, and we’re going to get our asses kicked (I think it’s the best team in our league…we’re being nice to them because we beat them at their homecoming game last year).

Friday Night Lights, about the (?) 1988 season of the Odessa Permian Panthers. Don’t remember the author. I’ve never read it, either, though I may have to after having just read some reviews on Amazon. I did finally read the introduction (which I had heard revolved around that year’s game with Midland Lee, my old HS and the Panthers’ major rival) while I was in Chicago this summer. Having never been to a football game (of any kind) in my life, I can’t say I understand the whole experience, but I certainly can recognize the spirit of the crowd.

And I’d just like to point out that Lee beat Permian that year, as well as the last two…

I’m still in high school, and lemme tell ya… 9 yrs ago Rutherford held the LONGEST losing streak in the state of FL… Then Coach hardin came, and BAM RHS claimed their first district title. And has held it since then. Been to state TWICE! and going again this yr… Last yr… well just we couldn’t win it :slight_smile: hehe…

We played our BIGGEST cross-town rival last nite, and since they r good this yr, and since we lost half our defense, it was thought to be a “close” game… FORGET THAT! We beat them 30-0…

I love band. I was a Ramette (majorette) in it for 2 yrs, I quit this yr. We have about… 230 in our band. :slight_smile:



We play alot of top teams from other schools… One team from texas… Lamar? Ring any bells guys? We played them 2 yrs ago after our first State Tourney… Awesome team… we are only 5A and they were 7A I think, and we lost :frowning: cries 24-21, due to a guy tripping at the 5 yd line…

A 59 yard field goal is pretty damned impressive, ESPECIALLY in high school.

How many people attend the high school that had a 135 member band? That’s a huge band for a high school!

[hijack] How many people saw the title of the thread and thought about Al Bundy? (“I scored five touchdowns in high school football!”) [/hijack]

Dry, they have a 3500 student school, I believe. We have seen bigger high school bands that we play against. The largest is Grenada Hills, I believe. Last year they had 300+ members, it took them about 5 minutes of second quarter to file out of the stands to get ready for their half-time show, which was very impressive.

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It’s a good book. And it must be still in print because I saw a student carrying it around here the other day. I highly recommend it.

Slight hijack, but I miss high school football. ESPN called my college team the worst team in the country. :frowning:

NO. NO NO NO. It was “I scored four touchdowns in one game for Polk High.”

I know someone’s going to come along and correct me, but how often does the chance arise to correct DRY on anything?

If they can call Duke the worst, ESPN has obviously overlooked my school.

Dammit, I’m not going to sit around here while ESPN calls me “the worst.”

I’m on the next plane to Bristol, CT to kick some butt :smiley: