High School Reunion 2 -- Back in Detention

I have little hope that any of the erudite members of SDMB change from Simpsons and Buffy episodes frequently enough to realize what other programs are showing, but on the off-chance that some of you do, here goes:

For those that don’t know, High School Reunion is a reality show on the WB that reunites 17 old classmates on a resort in Hawaii for a second chance at love, laughs, and lots of liquor. Each of the former classmates is given a suitably horrifying cliche – “the Geek,” “the Homecoming Queen,” “the Jock,” or from last season “the Chubby Cheerleader” (ouch) – and the students are then thrown together with vast quantities of alcohol to work out their remaining issues from high school, or perhaps more likely, to get drunk and argue.

This season, HSR (Season 2) reunites old classmates from the Class of '93 at Round Rock High School. I went to Round Rock HS. I graduated in the Class of '92. I know many of the people on the show, and even had a chance to go on the show (I declined because of the likelihood that I’d end up making an ass of myself).

But for those that are curious, I’m here to answer whatever questions you’ve got, or join in the much-deserved mockery.

But first, let me declare my biases: Gabe is one of my best friends; Johnny is a great friend; I’ve dated and/or kissed LouAnne, Denise, Stacey, and Laura; I was also friends with Trey, TJ, Heather F., and Daniel.


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