High school shooting clubs

So it seems in the past shooting clubs were quite common in high schools. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/338167 Yet school shootings were relatively rare. It seems obvious to me that gun free zones have failed to keep guns and other weapons out so maybe reintroducing these clubs could help curb violence in our schools.

An important thing to remember is that a school is not a similar target to an airplane. For a bad guy to “succeed” with an airplane he must secret the weapon past security and manage to get it on the plane. At a school a “successful” shooter need only get to the school at which point anyone who challenges the gunman, or gunwoman, can be shoot unawares of the danger.

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Is there a question? It wasn’t just shooting teams. I went to a rural school and we were allowed to bring rifles to school as long as we left them in our vehicles and didn’t brandish it at anyone. Lots of students hunted before school, especially during deer season, and then went to straight to school so that was a reasonable policy. That is or, at least was, a common policy in rural school districts and still may be in a few for all I know. The total incidents that were caused by that policy = 0 in our district.

Almost every had guns at home and just viewed them as tools. This is despite the fact that deer rifles and shotguns work on people just as well as deer and would be one of the best weapons someone could pick for a shooting if anyone was so inclined.

Coincidence is not causality.

I generally agree that you’ve got a point, but I’m not ready to draw a causal link. The motivations and causes of mass-shooting events are far more complicated than that, I believe. Just as “Ban Guns!” doesn’t work, neither does “Arm Everyone!”*

*Shooting clubs tend/tended to actually have high levels of security on their firearms, such that they wouldn’t be readily available in an emergency anyway. I’d still like to see them come back.

Yeah, I grew up in the same sort of time, but that was a long time ago and the liabilities for most schools to allow guns in cars, or a shooting club are just too great.

People wearing camo and packing guns on their person and in their vehicles is still the norm in my community. The high school scholarship foundation still auctions off guns at its annual fund raising dinner, right in the school gym.

But we now live in a time where even a depiction of a gun, a drawing of a gun, a peanut butter sandwich chewed into the shape of a gun and pointed at someone gets you ZT’d right the fuck out the door.