High School student by day stripper by night?

College girls paying for college by stripping is not that unusual, but let’s say you had an 18 year old public HS student would there be any way the school administration could prevent her (ie threaten to expel her) from working as stripper by night if she wished to continue as a high school student?

If other student’s parents are outraged at this happening does the school administrative powers that be have any say over what a student does in their off hours as long as it’s legal? Could they claim she’s “disruptive” just by her presence?

I don’t see how a school administrator can dictate what a student can and can’t do outside of normal school hours, other than report the student to the authorities if the activities are illegal. Other parents can complain about it, but if it has zero impact on the student’s behavior and attendance I don’t see how they could suspend or expel a student for legal, after school hours activities, unless there are school-specific rules that forbid it.

I know of at least one from the high school I teach at. About 15 years ago one of our 18 year old seniors got a job at a local strip club. Several of us jokingly volunteered to help out the school Work Experience teacher when he went to check on the workplaces of our students. :wink:

Didn’t seem to cause much fuss, and this is in a town that regularly makes state and local news for the stupidity of its population in some areas.

If the school has a behavior contract in place that the students are required to follow and that behavior contract included a clause about stripping (or that could be construed to cover it), then the school could conceivably suspend the girl. No behavior contract of which I am aware includes such a clause. Typically, they cover things like getting busted for underage drinking or possession of controlled substances. They do, in fact, empower the school to suspend students for activity that that takes place off school property and during non-school hours.

Generally, No. The schools have little say in private behavior so long as it isn’t causing disruptions in class. OTOH, if it does cause disruptions*, then they may be able to take some steps, though again, what steps they can take will be limited.

Private institutions probably have a lot more leeway for acting.
*oh yes, it will cause some!

Career Day should be interesting.


Other student’s parents know this is happening, how?

Except they can’t just make the behavior contracts include whatever the hell they feel like. They can’t write “behavior contracts” that forbid volunteering for political campaigns, or eating dinner at McDonald’s, or reading XKCD, or hiking in the forest, for example.

I’m not sure why you posted this.

She gave one of their dad’s a lap dance?

Putting aside the possibility of a parent frequenting strip clubs and recognizing the student, teenagers in general are shockingly indiscreet. If teen stripper keeps their mouth shut, odds of discovery would be lowish. But each additional teen friend or acquaintance they let in on the secret of his/her financial success, the more likely it gets spread far and wide and eventually ends up on the PTA agenda.

Because, I assume, there is or at least there should be a limit on a public school’s power to control legal behavior of students outside of the school. This would be especially true of adults, like the hypothetical in the OP. In my view the school should butt out of even illegal behavior off school property, but I’m not yet in charge.

Further research is clearly required. I’ll be down at The Velvet Donkey if you need me.

In which case, the school has as much interest in the behaviour of the father of one of its students.

Would heresay evidence be accepted? Maybe she’s just telling a story.

That’s almost the line on the poster for the 1984 movie Angel

I was reminded of a fairly awful Mark Harmon flick called Summer School. The stripper in question in that one was a male, however, iirc.

That’s the first thing I thought of when I read that thread title. :smiley: Of course that movie - or more precisely, the sequel “Avenging Angel” - has been the subject of a long-running inside joke between ma and an old college friend for 30+ years, so it’s kind of indelibly stamped on my brain.

Are you implying that astro found inspiration for his latest investigative OP from watching a sleazy 80’s sex thriller, probably on videocassette? Preposterous!

do tell!


I assume, then, that you are aware of the terms of the behavior contract, if any, in the school district where you live. I also assume you sit on the school board or have run for a seat on it. Those things would indicate some genuine level of involvement in the process and commitment to improving the system. Idle bitching about how things would be if you were in charge, not so much.