High velocity water missile defense?

How high could a jet of water be streamed without it breaking up or vaporizing, given an arbitrary amount of power to accelerate it and any arbitrary diameter on the stream?

How round is a cow?


I feel like that would be related to asking for the surface area of the cow, which I believe is infinite. In theory, you need to include every nook and cranny into the calculation but then you need to consider that every nook and cranny has its own nooks and crannies, those have their own, and so on. I don’t know that you can guarantee that your roundness value will approach a set value.

Are you saying that there’s no limit?

At least 460 feet.

No, I was just elliptically referring to the impossibility of giving a quantitative answer to a question with totally “arbitrary” parameters.


I wasn’t sure if the diameter of the column would matter, just the speed. I didn’t want to constrain it to x just to determine that x * 1.001 would make all the difference for the intended purpose.

I’m happy to cap it at 10m if that brings the question closer into reason. I feel like that’s probably about a maximal engineering accomplishment? (And, likewise, I’m happy to cap the speed at sub-orbital velocities - but I thought that was implied.)