High voltage electronics test cages - does the USA even use them?

Ok, I’ve got an upcoming engineering project to develop a high voltage control board. Part of the board will see up to 600 volts DC, and generate a resulting high voltage AC signal.

While it is true that you can work on stuff like this by just having the board on the bench and not reaching for it when the power’s on, this seems somewhat error-prone. After all, experienced carpenters wouldn’t occasionally cut a finger off if they were perfect.

So it needs a test cage - an enclosure to contain the entire circuit board. There would be only insulated connections to the device being driven, which would be sealed in an insulated and grounded casing.

Seems like the Europeans have lots of such devices. That’s what you need - a box that has a switch that cuts the power when you open it. Simple. You’d use isolation devices to connect your computer up to the device inside to read digital telemetry coming in and out.

Do companies in the USA make something like this? I couldn’t find anything, but maybe I’m googling for the wrong terms. Or do high voltage electronics developers just risk it…