Higher prices if you're an older adult?

That might be true of Australia, or even of the United States as a whole, but it doesn’t mean it’s also true for a subgroup- such as the people in the Washington , DC area who would be interested in attending such an event. Sure , a 22 year old single cafeteria worker might have more discretionary income than a 35 year old cafeteria worker with two kids. But I don’t think many cafeteria workers are likely to attend this event , and I suspect that discretionary income goes up with age in some fields. Certainly, I know I had more discretionary income at 31 than I did at 27. Had the kids and the house before I was 30, and the years between 27 and 30 got me the experience I needed to get a much higher paying job.

It is a neo-conservative ploy to influence the younger voters. :wink: [sup]Carl Rove is a genius.[/sup]
Someone had to say it.