You. Have. GOT. to be kidding me.

13 year old girl gets a bat mitzvah party.

Entertainment for this party? Aeromith, Tom Petty, 50 Cent, Kenny G, Stevie Nicks, The Eagles, and Ciara.

I didn’t think anything in the history of everything could ever be worse than that Sweet 16 show on MTV. Oh, how I was wrong.

When you said entertainment, I thought you meant the music chosen by the DJ, not the actual bands themselves!

Hey, it’s her father’s money. If this is what he chooses to spend it on, who are we to quibble? (Unless this trivializes a solemn ceremony? I’m not Jewish, so bear with me here.)

Yeah, but there’s nothing wrong with capitalism, no inequity in OUR society, nossiree, Bob! :rolleyes:

It’s funny they list a bunch of huge names, legendary even, then end with “DJ AM (Nicole Richie’s fiance)”. Oooh, Paris Hilton’s ex-friend’s boyfriend! Wow!

There’s nothing in the article to suggest that the girl in question is an evil bitch-whore like the people on Sweet Sixteen. If her dad wants to blow $10 million on a party, that’s his business. I, for one, would not mind attending. :slight_smile:

Inequity is a necessary ingredient for capitalism to work. Just ask the hundreds of people who are all slightly richer today because some guy bought $10 million worth of goods and services from them for a party.

Absolutely not. Think of all the caterers, the florists, the boutiques, the limo drivers, the jewelry stores, who made money off this party.

Well, he’s got 3 years to plan…

Most of these gotta be the parents’ choices. What 13 year old girl wants to have Kenny friggin’ G at their party? She’s way too young to even know who Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks are, too. And The Eagles? Yeah, right.

If I was 13, I would consider it a punishment to have Kenny G at my party. And to see up close the rubbermouthed geriatric ghoul that is Steven Tyler would haunt my nightmares forever afterward.

Hey, this is nothing! I’ve heard of bar mitzvahs held on a safari in Africa!

My own thought: my bar mitzvah was better. We had dinner in my house. One of my favorite cousins, Matthew, sat cross-legged on the floor while he ate. He’s now the chancellor of one of the satellite campuses of Penn State, but he’s still a cool guy.

To quote Charlie’s granpa “There’s lots of money in the world, but only one golden ticket!”

I’m surprised to see that some of those artists apparently need or want the money bad enough to play a bat mitzvah. And yeah, the majority of them sound like the parents’ choices, anyway.

Elsewhere on the linked site, there’s a series of pictures of Paris Hilton. It’s one of the creepier things I’ve seen in a long time… that picture you always see of her, head tilted, slight smirk, kind of lazy-eye winking at the camera?

That expression never changes, even when they cycle through a couple dozen pictures…

This was mentioned on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Saturday, and one of the panelists said something to the effect of “How’s he going to top that for her wedding?”

Yeah, it was pretty over-the-top and I kinda feel sorry for the girl who probably doesn’t have any idea what real life is.

One can only hope that the $250K for Kenny G was not an artist fee but an outright purchase.

Yeah. I guess there’s no way you could ever see Aeromith, Tom Petty, 50 Cent, Kenny G, Stevie Nicks, The Eagles, or Ciara other than at a Bar Mitzvah. Some day the revolution will come and then Aerosmith will play at EVERY Bar Mitzvah!

Why? What does she need to know about “real life”? The glorious satisfaction one recieves from working 80 hours a week at a job you hate for a boss who’s an imbecile?
You know, I don’t really care what rich people do. But I do hate shows like The Simple Life, Gastineau Girls, Leguna Beach and Sweet 16 that glorifies being a spoiled brat. They send a horrible message to mostly young girls that if you are pretty and have money, it’s ok to act however you want to people.

I miss the good old days when rich people stayed hidden in their estates on the hill.
You know what show I like on MTV? Run’s House. Two of my favorite moments were when the daughter saw how much a Manhattan appartment costs and when instead of 50 Cent or whoever, Run’s like “why don’t you get that kid who DJ’s at the high school…then everyone can be like ‘hey! It’s DH High School!!’”

I was trying to figure out how in Og’s name 50 Cant and Kenny G were in any way musically-compatible…

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more appropriate description of that man before.

You know, when Liv Tyler got married, her dad asked if she wanted him to sing at the wedding… she said no…

Except he’s a bulletproof vest manufacturer who got rich off the Iraq War. Our tax dollars at work…

So, a bullet proof vest manufacturer should do WHAT? Exactly what should he do? NOT make the vests or NOT make the profit?

Help me understand. Who should make the vests? Thank goodness an entreprenuer exists who can provide the vests, cause it’d suck it free enterprise were squashed and we had no vests.

The war is a shit hole, but it’d be a worse shit hole if we were equipped like the scum balls in countries where there isn’t free enterprise.

NEXT UP: we condem them makers of parachutes, ejector seats and antibiotics, because they keep soldiers alive.