To the Hit....lerrr Trump Youth.

It speaks for itself.

A friend and colleague of mine remixed this. Here ya go.

Heh. Good one!

I am really beginning to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

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Needs more pig’s blood.

And it’s utter crap, just like Trump.

(Seriously, couldn’t they afford better than a 1982 Casio for the music?)


If anything smacks of jingoism, that is it.

The answer to this video came out years ago.

Star Spangled Man With A Plan

“I know I’M going to vote for Donald Trump!”*

*Paid for by FOX Parents Who Aren’t At All Creepy

It sure is cheesy, not really seeing the connection to exterminating Jews, gays and other undesirables though. Maybe I missed something.

What’s truly awful is the syllabic shoehorning (“eneMIES of freeDOM” etc.) and that dead, toneless, soulless singing style of the studio children’s choir they’re lip-syncing to.

Those kids choirs are a scourge. They’re all over YouTube doing recordings of nursery and patriotic songs for use by teachers, always on-pitch but so flat in affect they make me cry. (Example.) Naturally Trump would hire “professional” kid singers and assume it was The Best, instead of, you know, teaching real kids to sing the song if anyone was actually supposed to care about it. The whole thing has this quality of “very expensive, but not actually giving a shit” that is just pure distillation of Trump.

I would argue that this shows Trump’s financial responsibility.

Yeah, he coulda used some expensive group that was worth a crap talent wise…but to be honest in such a venue would it have made a difference? And even it it HAD made a difference, would it be a difference that was worth making?

These were probably some friends of friends or somebodies nieces who did it for free or peanuts.

Money saved.

Go Trump.

Smells just like North Korean propaganda to me. The glorious leader, Kim Jong Trump, is getting the swing of the worker’s movement down pat.

Nah, more cowbell.

It is simple, really. Well, simple if you are affected by the Straight Dope Reality Distortion Field.

How do you know if you are affected by the SDRDF?

#1. Do you believe all Republicans secretly want to be Hitler?
#2. Do you believe that the only reasons to disagree with any iberal policy position is a) stupidity or b) a secret desire to be Hitler?
#3. Do you believe that you are, as a liberal, a member of a superior group because liberals are smarter, kinder and don’t secretly want to be Hitler?

If you answered yes it to any of those questions, you are suffering from the affects of the SDRDF.


I was expecting something more like this.

That is pretty good.

PS. The cowbell thing ain’t bad either.

I almost hope Trump ends up running against Hillary. Trump calling Hillary a cunt at some point just might be worth it.

You do realize that the OP is one of the more conservative posters on the board, don’t you?

Hitler didn’t run on exterminating the Jews. He ran on “Make Germany Great Again!”.

Well, sorta. These are American Jugend. Instead of marching and heiling, they dance and sing. Which is somehow even scarier.