Highest paid television actors and actresses

According to the guy who complied the list (in November 2012) this takes into account current payment for shows, rerun syndication payment, and advertising revenue.

Ashton Kutcher - $24,000,000
Ray Romano - $18,000,000
Hugh Laurie - $18,000,000
Mark Harmon - $15,000,000
Alec Baldwin - $15,000,000
Tim Allen - $14,000,000
John Cryer - $13,000,000
Patrick Dempsey - $12,000,000
Jim Parsons - $8,000,000
Johnny Galecki - $8,000,000

Sofia Vergara - $19,000,000
Kim Kardashian - $18,000,000
Eva Longoria - $15,000,000
Bethenny Frankel - $12,000,000
Khloe Kardashian - $11,000,000
Tina Fey - $11,000,000
Mariska Hagitay - $10,000,000
Zooey Deschanel - $9,000,000
Felicity Huffman - $9,000,000
Ellen Pompeo - $9,000,000

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I object to two from each list making a cent, much less millions.

All are obscenely overcompensated for their amount of talent, but those above drive the last five nails into the coffin of the arguments for the existence of a benevolent deity.

It’s sad to think how much more they might be making if Obama hadn’t raised the minimum wage and stifled small businesses.

What about Ted Danson? I hear NBC even lets him use the GOOD private jet.

Loose definition of actress, one that included a Kardashian.

If you concede that she’s really more of an actress than a judge, Judy Sheindlin, AKA Judge Judy blows them all away with a roughly $45 million per year contract.

Poor Jon Cryer. He gets no respect on the show and on the set.

I can’t believe standing around for half an hour speaking words someone else writes, standing in a spot someone else decides, wearing clothes someone else chooses, nets you millions of dollars per week.

Something around here is not right.

For $13 million per year you could call me names and piss on my shoes and I’d put up with it for a couple of years.

Hell, for thirteen million dollars, I’d even be willing to work with Charlie Sheen.

I’ll do it for 15% less.

Good to see Cryer is still getting his Teddy Z residuals.

Jon Cryer is the only one I think deserves the money. He’s not entertaining, or attractive, or at all likeable, but in spite of that he’s made himself a necessary part of an unlikely hit show and cashed it in for more than $1 million a month income, and that shows more talent than the rest of them combined.

near the end, each of the Friends cast got a million dollars per episode, each. that’s 24 million dollars for the six of them for making one season, not including rerun syndication payment, advertising revenue, or other income from the show.

that’s from making a show about nothing.

Jon Cryer is very talented at playing his character. His character really has no likeable qualities, but he manages to make him sympathetic and funny.

Quiet, Angus.

IIRC, because they got so much money the last season, the season was only 18 eps.

Yeah, that TV money should be going to the networks and production companies, dammit!