Highlander to be reimagined

So, yet another Highlander. This one is, I guess, a reboot.


What do you guys think?

As long as they “re-imagine” their origins to be something other than what H2 said it was…

As long as there are no sequels. Because, you know…

I can’t say that “the writers of Iron Man” is all that encouraging. Did Iron Man even have a plot?

The whole Highlander thing never clicked with me - seeing Sean Connery wear eyeliner was funny, but not funny enough to make the whole cheesy movie interesting or make me want to watch a TV series or sequels. So I’ll be sitting this one out.

I guess this means the Hollywood marketing syndicate won the battle to have remakes named “re-imagining.” I question how much imagining really gets done with these things.

Huh? Yes, it had a plot, not that one is absolutely necessary when you have Robert Downey, Jr in the lead role.

I just thought the whole idea behind Highlander was dumb - you have a group of people who can live forever. So what do they spend their time doing? Trying to kill each other. Why? “The Quickening”. Oh joy. What? Brutally murder everyone like yourself for a rush?

I believe the author of the article agrees with you Marley, as he put “re-imagined” in quotes every time.

There’s a difference. A remake is pretty much all the same except for the actors and the quality of the effects, but a re-imagining is only the same in the most basic elements, but has radical changes to the story. Peter Jackson’s King Kong was a remake, for example, but the new Battlestar Galactica was a re-imagining, since they changed a lot (Cylons who look like humans, and who have infiltrated the fleet, for instance).

More of one than the original Highlander.

Yeah, but the Highlander had an entire TV series to try and flesh stuff out a bit.

True, it didn’t flesh it out any more. But it could have!

Yes, but the line between the two is somewhat subjective. What one considers basically the same thing, another considers to have completely changed everything. It seems that Hollywood is moving towards assuming the latter.

I liked the original and if they had left it at that I would have been happy. I wouldn’t have minded the series, since it had the feel of being a prequel. The other movies all just sucked and should have never been made. And although I think the second movie sucked, I have often thought that they might have made something interesting out of the plot if they had taken the highlander stuff out.

Great, yet another vampire movie, and now they don’t have fangs either!

Sounds like a good idea to me. Just like with Battlestar: Galactica, the original Highlander already sucked, so it’s not like they can screw up the franchise, or anything. It’ll be either more forgettable dreck, same as 95% of everything else, or they’ll take the one or two good ideas that the original had, and actually do something interesting with them.

Highlander – there should have only been one.

I liked the first one. The sequel, as everyone already knows, is an ugly abomination and all copies of it should be transfered to Nitrocellulose film so it can burn. The third one was OK, I like Mario Van Peebles a lot and I kind of got the feeling that they were sort of trying to retell the first one with a bigger budget. I do wish they would have strayed a little farther from the original though. After that, the movies all seemed like they were out of ideas.

I rented the latest that came out a year or so ago (straight to DVD) and it was pretty bad.

Now all that being said, maybe the “re-imagining” will be good. Who knows. I’m pretty sure people will go see it even if it sucks, if Transformers II is any indication.

The TV series was frankly a heck of a lot better than the movies. I don’t want a remake, because there can be only one. And H2 was the worst piece of dreck. H2 was so bad it invented and still pwns the “it doesn’t exist” meme.


Here’s this guy’s dream cast. I post it because I actualy agree with his pick for the lead. I haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy, but I thought McKidd was great in Journeyman and I could completely see him in the role of Connor. The rest of his picks are less than inspired.

I hope they do the cheesey queen soundtrack justice.

Will it have the sense of art direction of the original? Naturalistic sets, rock soundtrack, etc.?

If not, who really cares?

I don’t think Davis & Panzer really get why the first one worked:

  1. Good script, but D&P wouldn’t know a good script from a bad one if it hit them like a lightning bolt.

  2. Queen, baby.

  1. Clancy Brown, the Kurrrrgan. He owned that role. By the end of the movie, I was rooting for him, not MacLeod.

From what I have seen, they actually shot enough decent footage that the 4th movie could have been okay. Not great, but okay. The editing on it took that somewhat decent footage and mangled it into nonsensical garbage.

It wasn’t direct to DVD, it was worse than that. It was a SciFi Saturday night movie.