Highspeed Scanner (w/ adf) for Small Business?

I’d like to move to a paperless office for a small business and subsequently am in need of a solid highspeed scanning solution that can handle 50 page+ documents in short amounts of time. I don’t really care what the cost is, as long as the product works well with my network (PCs and lots of macs). Can anyone suggest a good highspeed scanner w/ an auto-document feeder for a small business? Staples, home depot, best buy are all useless for this purchase!


The major vendors build these types of heavy duty multifunction copies that I have seen many internal print shops use for this type of thing. Is this something like you want? The bulk scanning capability is a byproduct of being a large copier as well.


There are several commercial copiers that will do what you ask.
They will scan in the multipage document, print, collate, staple and/or punch to your requirements.
Or forget the printing and utilize the copy function only.
There also document scanning services available.

Check the yellow pages of your local phone book for both categories and ask for a sales consultant to discuss you exact needs.
Most will lease a machine as well as sell one. May even install one on trial basis.