Hijacking of Virgin flight from London to JFK?

My husband says Fox News is reporting a Virgin plane en route from London to JFK has been hijacked. The plane has been diverted to Canada. Can anyone confirm?

Here’s what MSNBC is reporting.

Well, here is what FoxNews has to say on it right now:

So, it’s probably just a faulty transmitter. The BBC is also saying that the signal was transmitted in error.

Probably a false alarm.


Thanks for the replies, guys. My brother’s supposed to fly out of JFK today and this report made me a wee bit worried.

I think it’s hilarious, though, that a plane headed to the U.S. thought to be hijacked gets diverted to Canada.

Well, if it was coming from the UK it was probably diverted to Gander, Newfoundland, and you know what they say about Gander:
It’s a place where men are men, women are rare, the sheep are nervous, and the geese fly upside down 'cos there’s not even anything worth crapping on. :smiley:

My apologies to all Ganderites. I have actually been to Gander (on a plane that was turned around in the middle of the north-atlantic due to an engine defect), and it was a lovely place with very friendly people. I was making a funny

Then there’s the French Fighter Jets Invading Atlantic City :eek:

Sometimes a plane coming to the US takes off and then we find out it has someone on the no-fly list. The plane will be diverted to land outside the US and the Feds will pull the person off the plane and question them.

Then they realize that the person is ok to fly or the person just mysteriously disappears.

Such flights normally are diverted to Bangor, Maine - as if that’s more expendable than New York? Or that the passenger in question can do less damage there?

Why not check the manifest before taking off, guys? If a plane’s in danger, what’s wrong with Gander or Goose Bay? Is it just in case somebody needs to be hustled off to an oubliette in Guantanamo?

I liked this bit: