Hiking camera backpacks

For years I have been using a shoulder sling to take my DSLR on hikes, but it is less then ideal on tricky trails or when using a pack.
Recently on a winter trip to Yosemite, I saw a camera bag in the store that might solve my issues, but I didn’t think to take a picture of it and now I can’t find it it. I know it was a new brand with a high tech sounding name, but nothing similar is showing up in Google searches. I hope someone can identify it or point me to something similar. What it had that I am looking for:
[li]Roomy daypack/camera bag hybrid[/li][li]Hydration bladder compartment that was very separate from the camera area[/li][li]Waist support[/li][li]Camera compartment that is easily accessible without taking the pack off[/li][/ul]

The main thing is something that works as a hiking pack that takes minimal hassle to pull out the camera and take picture. The one I saw had the camera compartment set up so that it was on a slide that could be pulled to the front and opened without unstrapping or taking off the main pack. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

I have a couple of Clik Elite backpacks which hit all your points (except the quick access compartment is a bit tight with a D300 body). Unfortunately, it appears that the company went out of business last year.

ETA: I have also been playing around with this system for securely carrying a camera while hiking. Keeps the camera secure and tight to your body (no swinging from a strap) but still quickly accessible. Have used it on hikes at Grand Canyon (Kaibob Trail, not too tricky) and Sedona (scrambling up Bell Rock) with pretty good success.

I have the Peak Design system in your link, and plan on using it next month in Bryce and Capitol Reef. It seems solid. If it goes well I may consider taking it to the Haute Route this summer but I’m not sure I want to carry the weight in the Alps.

I might have exactly what you’re looking for. I have a Lowepro 200 backpack. It has the camera pocket on the side that can store a camera and one lens. It also has a waist band, a pocket inside for a camelback, and extra storage.
I’ve had it for a few years and take it on the plane with me and use it for day hikes. I have done 3-4 mile hikes with it and no problems. I can get the camera out of the side pocket without taking off the pack, though sometimes I need to take an arm out and slide it around a bit to reach it.
I can fit a few extra shirts and things like that when I travel. Seems to hold up pretty good as well, though I don’t beat my bags up.