hiking in B.C.

I’m thinking of heading out to the mountains to do a few days of hiking some time later in the summer (my work schedule is incredibly flexible at the moment). I’m considering Bugaboo Provincial Park and Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park based on the recommendation of my dad who was a heli-ski pilot in the Bugaboos years ago.

I’d like to hear from any of you who are familiar with this area about a few things:

  • Are these suitable destinations for a guy who is in good shape but with no previous mountain experience?

  • I’m hoping to get away from the touristy areas but I can handle running into the occasional other hiker. Will these parks fulfill this desire or can I still expect a constant stream of people? I did Jasper last summer and even though it’s nowhere near as bad as Banff, it was still more touristy than I care for.

-Any other advice you can give this Saskatchewanian would be appreciated. Beyond a few days in Jasper and a few ski trips, I have no experience in the mountains and would like to hear about anything that I should consider before I go.

thanks! :slight_smile:

Do you know how many times the words “Bugaboo” and “Assiniboine” need to appear in proximity to each other to make me aspirate coffee before eight AM of a morning?

Not many, evidently.

Now that that’s out of the way, I went camping with some friends at Bugaboo a few years back in late August. It’s safe to say it wasn’t exactly elbow-to-elbow. (I think we could count the number of other people we saw there on our fingers, easily.)

We didn’t do any climbing and our “hiking” was more like walking, so no advice from this quarter.