Hiking in Vegas and Caves

This is in response to the discussion, a few months ago, where someone posted a long story about hiking just outside of Las Vegas. The author of the post said that he saw “caves” high up on the side of a cliff, with lights that moved around inside before turning off.

I would like to contact this guy, so whoever you are, please respond to this or email me.

To everyone else:
If you have had any experiences with such things, or with underground tunnels, or the like, please share them. Or even if you know someone else’s story.

It sounds like you’re thinking of this thread ; the post is by neutron star about halfway down the first page.

Into UE, gobot? I’m the resident nut… or at least I haven’t found anyone nuttier yet.

Let me put it this way, wikkit -
I’m not convinced that there are actually underground cities or creatures, but I intend to find out. Does that count? I’ve been fascinated with the existence of ancient tunnels for a long while now, and I want to explore every possibility.

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I joked to friends that I was amazed there were so many horrible car crashes in this city…that was all you ever saw on the news. Having lived in large cities almost all my life (see list next to my name to the left), car wrecks were only news if a celebrity was in the car, or if 15 or more people died.
Then it dawned on me.
There was no other news to report.

Despite the fact that greater Las Vegas is just over a million people, this is one of the biggest small towns I have ever lived in…but to their credit, they have FOUR channels of local news several times a day. Abused dog stories have been headlines for days on end. Local murder trials are covered to death. When it rains, they actually break into regularly scheduled programming.

My point is, if there were anything REMOTELY true to this story, they would have camera crews hovering around Red Rock or anywhere else.

Go ahead and roam Red Rock until you are purple in the face, but my guess is, like a lot of stories about this area, the myths are better than the truth. Granted, there are a lot of people who wonder what the hell is really going on up there in Area 51, but other than that, tonight’s local headlines was about a sad car wreck on the Nevada border - a family’s SUV’s back rear tire blew out killing a 12 year old boy, and oddly, out of six people in the car, only he and the driver were wearing seatbealts.
Oh yeah, and they also reported that Megabucks is up to 32 million dollars.

If you go back to the OP link listed by Omphaloskeptic there is a link to a topo map and a terraserver image. The area with the homes is called Calico Basin and it appears to be popular with rock climbers. That would be a good reason for people to be camped in a cave on a cliff.


Well gobot5, why are you so interested in the vegas canyon hike? The reason I ask, is I bet you saw something out in the desert you can not explain. Right?

Well Mrs.Phlosphr and I lived in Arizona for 5 years whilst in Graduate school. We still own a home in Phoenix. We did some serious hiking all over the desert south west, including, outside vegas. We have some stories what would make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end… One particular story that comes to mind is when we were way out on the Joshua Tree Parkway Route 93 I think, halfway between vegas and phoenix. Were were set to camp, up in the Bradshaw mountains near Crown King and it was getting dark outside.

There were steep cliffs all around us, we were situated on a small butt about 60-70 feet above the bottom of the canyon, with large 4 to 500 foot walls all around us. There was a heck of an echo. But what we saw around 2:30 that evening was enough to keep us up for the rest of the night.

Now I carry a 9mm with me whenever I hike because you never know when you’ll run into a mountain lion, or some crazy thinking your the devil…But that night in early september 95’ the wife and I heard something that sounded like 40 or 50 men tromping through the canyon right below us. When my wife woke me up, I immediately signaled for her to be quiet, because of the echo whoever it was would immediately be alerted to where we were. I inched over to the edge of the Butt we were an and looked over the edge. Something, in a large group was walking or tromping along the canyon floor. In formation I might add. There was a quarter moon that night and I could see what looked like a group of people, not speaking, but looking all over the place. There was no leader but when they came to the box canyon right next to us about 500 yards away, they broke out on a full climb up. NO lights no nothing. All of them. And they climbed with such speed that is was quite frightening.

Don’t get me wrong they were finding hand holds, and actually climing, but they were acting like they all knew where thehand holds were. In total I’d say there were maybe 30 of them. All dressed in a grey camo type suit, with winter type hats on.

Mrs.Phlosphr was so scared she was trembling. I on the other hand was concentrating on staying quiet and making sure if they looked back - as we were now in clear sight of them - we were ready to jump down and beat feet…

Well to make a long story short, they didn’t see us, and when they crested the top of the ravine they just kept on walking north. It may have been some type of special ops group, or something like it, but if you saw them move up this 400 foot canyon wall like it was nothing, you’d be quite alarmed as well, no less that is was 2:30 in the morning.

So call it what you will, there are a lot of freaky things in the desert that can not be explained, I will say this, Mrs.Phlosphr and I never went ‘bushwacking’ again where we didn’t know the territory.

I’ve seen a number of things in the desert, but nothing really strange. I’m only curious because of my general interest in old tunnels.
I asked about the Vegas stuff because of a recent Smithsonian expedition in the Grand Canyon concerning caves and tunnels, carved by an ancient people, high in the side of the canyon. I thought it might be something similar. But being that Neutron Star hasn’t written back to any of my posts or emails, I’m beginning to agree with DMark.
And thanks for the story phlosphr.

Damn Phlosphr, thats pretty crazy. I’m amazed you two still go hiking.

What the hell could they have been?

OK Phlosphr you said stories, as in plural. I think we all want some more :smiley: .(Please?)

OK. When we first arrived in Arizona I wanted to get heabily involved with everything Arizona. Including clubs and other such things I could only do in AZ. I hooked up with a guy and his hang gliding crew. They had a club that went out every weekend to Oak Mountain, near Gila Bend AZ… The town is famous for two things, 1) the most UFO sightings in AZ and 2) a famous saying…“Gila Bend, home of the brave, where the sheep are scared…”
You figure it out.

Anyway it was the second or third time I went out with these guys and I was asked if I wanted to go up tandum with one of the instructors. Of course I said Yes.

Halfway to the launch, a gust of wind grabbed one of the wings and we flopped 180 degrees almost ditching into the 1500 foot ravine. The instructor elbowed me on accident in the eye, causing it to bleed. But he pulled us out and we were safe… That was hair raiser number one… Second, was on our decent about 20 minutes later. He was pulling into the landing zone when he saw a flare off the side of the mountain. The flare was an indicator that something was amiss and we had to catch the thermal back up and wait to land.
Then I saw it. Heading right for us was a puff of dust about 300 feet across and about a mile long.
We were situated in the middle of two mountains, doing circles about 800 feet of the canyon floor. And there was something headind directly dead center at us. The instructor said for me to cross my arms, and hold on to either side of my harness.
About 30 seconds later an F-16 can zipping about 400 feet below us, and another one about a thoudans feet above of us, between the two mountains. The thunder and shock of the machine send a jitter though the Kite but we were ok, I was having a bit of a hard time hearing after but we were OK.
So we proceeded to the landing Zone where I was nicely dropped on a Cholla - jumping cactus for those who don’t know - and the ride was over. Needless to say I did not go back out with these guys for about 6 months. Not really because of the crazy pilots flying buck wild from Luke Airforce base, but more because about two weeks after the incident one of the guys told me the instructor I was with had just smoked a big joint, and I was only his 2nd tandum flight…

What’s a Jumping Cactus???